Moving Checklist-Making Your Move Easy

We all know that moving is a tiring and complex process. A moving checklist is an ultimate source that will help in the completion of moving without any trouble. 

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Moving Checklist-Making Your Move Easy

We all know that moving is a tiring and complex process. Though with some tools and tips, we can simplify the moving process. For a relaxed move, planning is the initial step that one should do very carefully to avoid any hassle. A moving checklist is an ultimate source that will help in the completion of moving without any trouble. 

Planning a move involves so many things, and one can miss any of them. With a moving checklist, you can have a list of tasks written down on paper that is easy to remember. In the moving checklist, you can create a list of big tasks then break down these tasks into smaller ones. You know that every moving process is the same only difference is the distance to be traveled. 

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while creating a moving checklist. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is the amount of time. As early as you prepare the moving checklist, soon you can start working on the task and finish them before moving day. To complete the tasks on time, break down the things according to the time they consume. Time-consuming things should be at the top of the list while the smaller tasks at the end.

For a comfortable and relaxing move, the first step should be finding and booking a professional moving company. Professional moving companies can help you plan and organize your moving and move you with zero worries. Next to this, the moving checklist must include the research regarding the new place for the house, school, utilities, and more. It should also include the tasks for changing the address at medical facilities and legal documentation. With these tasks enlisted in your moving checklist, you will not miss them at any cost and can have a stress-free relocation. 

Generally, a moving checklist starts with searching a moving company and ends with the loading process. But a perfect moving checklist must include the tasks that you have to do just after moving. It will help in settling in the new place a bit easier and comfortable. This section will list the tasks on the priority that you have to do just after moving like, contacting utility services, cleaning services, and security services for the new house. 

Plan your local or long-distance move with the best moving checklist, then visit the link and download the ultimate moving checklist for all types of moving  

For full-service moving, visit the link and get a free moving quote instantly.

Tips To Make Your Move Safe And Secure

Moving can be dangerous as different actions might cause injuries. Some points to be remembered while moving.

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Tips To Make Your Move Safe And Secure

Moving can be dangerous as different actions might cause injuries. Throughout a move, you have to work with sharp knives and sometimes have to carry heavy items. So to avoid any harm, you must take some precautionary measures. Chances of injury are high when your move type is do-it-yourself, where you have to protect yourself along with your belongings.

During a move, risks are at various stages like cuts during packing, muscle injuries during loading and unloading, and damage items during transit.

Some moving tips to be remembered while moving-

• Avoid overpacking as an excessive amount of weight of items in certain packing boxes might break them and cause damage to the belongings.

• Always pack sharp things like knives, gardening tools, and grilling rods by wrapping them with clothes or towels to prevent any cut.

• Decide the lifting process for heavy appliances and large furniture in advance to avoid any damage and injury.

• Only carry the weight suitable for your body as excess weight can cause muscle or bone injuries, or your body can bear the load.

• The day of your move is highly tiring. So to avoid injury to muscles with tightness or stiffness so, do stretching from time to time.

• Make way for easy walking and movement as obstacles may hinder your path and make you clumsy.

• To avoid any muscle injury while carrying heavy belongings, you can use a dolly that helps in easy movement.

• Take a deep sleep before the night of move as exhaustion might cause an accident.

• On moving day, you need excessive strength for a DIY move or even giving directions to the moving company. So, stay hydrated and keep your tummy full.

• Keep kids and pets away from moving places and make some arrangements in advance.

• Wear comfortable clothes as moving can be tiring and sweaty.

• To avoid expense on the damage of your belongings during transit, you can get moving insurance from an insurance provider.

These moving tips can help you out in moving safely without any damage to your body or your belongings. If you are moving soon and want it to be risk-free, then hire a full-service moving company. Vanlines Move can get you the best moving companies for long-distance and local risk-free moves. Get a moving quote for a safe & secure move now at

To know how does moving insurance can make your move safe, visit the link-

Full-Service Moving v/s Moving PODS- Simplify Your Move

If you are planning a move, you have multiple options, and you have to pick one that suits your moving budget.

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Full-Service Moving v/s Moving PODS- Simplify Your Move

If you are planning a move, you have multiple options, and you have to pick one that suits your moving requirements and budget. While looking up for your local or long-distance relocation solution, you will prefer a service with less hassle and more safety.

There are numerous moving solutions for interstate or local move, but the two highly preferred options are full-service moving or portable moving containers. Portable moving containers have different names like mobile storages, minivans, PODS, and more. Here we are going to discuss the moving PODS and full-service moving, which are highly recommended options.

Why hire a full-service moving company?

Moving companies provide an all-in-one moving package for all types of relocations, which is full-service moving. Full-service movers provide all the required services, viz. packing, loading and unloading, and licensed driver and truck. A full-service move has many benefits that make the relocation process simple and efficient. Many reasons compel people to hire full-service movers for their local or long-distance moves.

  • Minimize your stress

When you hire a full-service moving company, you are free from the stress as now the moving company is responsible for everything. A team of professional movers arrives at the location with a truck and licensed driver. They will carry packing supplies, packing tools, and moving tools with them. They will pack your belongings, load them in the truck, and a licensed drive will drive your items to the destination. Then at the destination, the moving company team will unload the belongings. So, full-service movers will make your move pleasant and relaxing.  

  • Reduced risk of injury or damage

As the moving company is responsible for loading and unloading the belongings, you won’t have to lift anything. Professionals from the moving company will use moving equipment and tools to minimize the risk of physical injury. It will also ensure damage-free loading and unloading. You are free from getting injured, and watch the experts doing it for you.

  • On-time delivery

A full-service moving company might not follow the timeline you set for your move, but they ensure on-time delivery of your belongings. They have their timeline according to which they complete your moving process on time. The professionals will perform their tasks with complete efficiency and with no wastage of time.

  • All-in-one cost for Full-service move

When you ask moving companies for the cost of a full-service move, then you might think of it as pricey. But the given moving estimate is a sum of multiple fees that are inclusive in the full-service moving. There is the cost of packing and moving supplies, truck rent, size of the moving property, total distance covered, and cost of disassembling & reassembling appliances and furniture.

Why rent moving PODS?

Moving PODS means Portable on Demand Storage is another highly recommended option for moving. PODS are the best option for those who are preparing for a local or long-distance move. There is different size of PODS that are available for moving. With moving PODS service, you will only get the container, all you have to by yourself. 

  • Moving PODS as storage

Moving PODS work efficiently, as they are the best fit for storing the items before moving, during moving, or even after the move. They can be best for storage because of their size, but the only thing to worry about is the arrangement to be made with a relocation company for pick up and drop. Make arrangements for storage in advance if you want to hire moving PODS. 

  • Flexible with timeline

Planning a move by hiring Moving PODS is easier when you want a flexible timeline for your move. You need to pay the extra fees to keep the PODs for a longer duration before moving them to your destination.

  • Similar to DIY move

Moving PODS is helpful for storage and moving. But moving with PODS is similar to the DIY move, where you have to do all the moving tasks yourself. You have to pack, load, and unload the belongings by yourself. It increases the risk of damage and injuries. The only thing the moving company will do for you is picking p the POD from the storage space and drop-off at the destination. PODS are the best option for the DIY move though it is full of stress and risks.

  • Saving on moving cost

Though renting a moving POD might save you money in comparison to full-service moving. But there are additional charges that will affect your budget. Like you have to rent a storage space if you have no storage space in your residential area.

Which will you pick?

The final decision depends on your budget, preferences, and requirements. Hiring a full-service moving company may be the best solution for your move as you have nothing to worry about and you have enough time to handle your things. For a long-distance move, hiring a full-service moving is cost-effective and manageable.

Moving PODS is a better option when you want to have a DIY move, with a pick-up and drop-off facility by a moving company. Hiring moving PODS can be cheaper, but there are few problems with it like, you must have a storage unit or space, you are responsible for packing, loading, and unloading.

So, with all these pros and cons you can make a better decision about your move.

Full-Service Move V/s Self Move- Compare To Move

A move can be of either type, local or long-distance, the only difference is how you decide to move.

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Full-Service Move V/s Self Move- Compare To Move

A move can be of either type, local or long-distance, the only difference is how you decide to move. There are different options while you are planning to move your house or office to a new location. One option you can opt for is full-service moving, and another one is self-moving. The two moving processes are different. Vanlines Move to provide full service moving where you only have to book the moving company and rest, they will handle. The moving company will come to your place, pack your belongings, load them into a truck, drive your belongings to the new address and unload your belongings at your new address. Self-move is almost similar, where you are responsible for packing, loading, and unloading belongings and driving the belongings to the new location. Please fill out the form to stay relaxed during the move by hiring a full-service moving company.

Control over move

Full service moving- For a full-service you only have to hire a moving company which will take care of everything. You can decide the date of your move as per your flexibility and book the moving company of your choice. That’s all you have to do, for everything else moving company is responsible like packing, loading, unloading, and driving. They will bring packing material, packing tools, and moving tools of their own. You can enjoy your move with your friends and family.

Self-Move- During a self-move, you have control over your move. You are free to choose the moving date and time. You can buy the packing material of your choice and pack the belongings on your own. For a self-move, you have to rent a truck, that you have to drive to the new location by yourself. Everything is your responsibility, and you have to take help from your family or friends to load and unload. With all these responsibilities, you may stress out and miss out on the moments of joy during the move.

Cost variation

Full-service move- Hiring a full-service moving company can be expensive. But that is not true, the total cost of full-service moving is a sum of different charges like cost of packing material, packing, moving laborers, size of the property, miles to be covered, date of move, moving supplies, and cost of disassembling and reassembling. All these services with zero worries can never cost much.

Self-Move- It seems that self-move is cost-efficient. But there are additional charges that might surprise you at the end. You can save money on packing supplies; and on disassembling and reassembling appliances. But to move heavy items, either you need help from friends or bear the risk of injury. The additional cost that adds up in self-move is rental truck charges, gas charges, and more.

Physical Labor

Full-service move- During a full-service move, moving experts are responsible for moving your heavy appliances and furniture. The team will carry their moving tools for disassembling and reassembling appliances and furniture. They will also bring moving equipment that will help in easy loading and unloading. You are safe from any physical injury that you might get while moving.

Self-move- For self-move, you are responsible for packing, disassembling and reassembling, and loading and unloading heavy appliances and furniture. During any of these, you might get physically injured. So, a self-move can be easy, but it can be dangerous too.

Vanlines Move can help you find a suitable full-service moving company for your local or long-distance move. Fill up the form and get moving quotes instantly. Compare and book full-service mover now.  

Local or Long-Distance Move- Differences to compare

Moving can be a long tiring process both physically and mentally. It does not matter if you are moving across the street

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Local or Long-Distance Move- Differences to compare

Moving can be a long tiring process both physically and mentally. It does not matter if you are moving across the street or to another part of the state. Moving means packing the entire house, transport it to a new location, and then unpack and resettle over there. Both types of moves require intense preparations, different types of moving companies, and more.

If you are moving your house within the state boundaries, then the move is considered a local move or regional move. While moving from coast to coast or interstate or from state to state is termed a long-distance move

Distance is the prime factor that creates a difference between local and long-distance moves. But the two moves are entirely different from each other depending on certain other factors. For either of the move, you have to prepare differently, pack differently and hire experts. Various factors make local and long-distance moves different from one another irrespective of the distance traveled


Preparing for a local move is entirely different from that for a long-distance move. Local moves are easy to organize, as you have knowledge of the localities and moving companies are known to you. While for a long-distance move you have found a place to live in new state, schools and other amenities in advance. That might take more time as well as research.


Packing is one major factor that makes local and long-distance moves different. Some people believe that there is no difference in packing for any of the moves: though it is incorrect. When moving locally, you can pack all the stuff in boxes and carry them to the new location within a couple of hours. While for a long-distance move, your belongings need to be packed with specific packing materials to avoid any damage during long travels from weather or more. Certain items need to be packed differently for a long-distance move, like plants. During a long-distance move, to make sure no damage to belongings, plastic wraps, and temperature-controlled boxes are required


Moving is expensive though the cost may vary when you do it by yourself or hire a professional. But moving is expensive. Local moving is less costly, due to the short distance and relocation can be planned during weekdays. A long-distance move is expensive in different terms like distance and schedule that is difficult to change. Hire a professional moving company to have a trouble-free affordable move.

Moving Companies

For both types of moves, different companies make moving simple. Moving Tools, packing supplies, and a truck- required for any moving. For a local move, you will need professionals for packing and moving with desired tools and trucks. But for an interstate move, you have to hire a moving company with a license to move across the state lines. Without a valid license, one cannot drive across the state lines but can move within the state.

Now, you know all the difference between local and long-distance moving. So, don’t take stress for either of the moves and hire a professional from Vanlines Move. We will collect your moving information, prepare an affordable moving quote and make your local or long-distance move simple.

Five things to do- Before and After Move

Moving is a multitasking process that makes you anxious, so to make it comfortable and relaxing

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Five things to do- Before and After Move

Moving is a multitasking process that makes you anxious, so to make it comfortable and relaxing do the following things before and just after your move.

Things to do before you move-

Arrange disposal or donation for unwanted items: Clean up the house starting from storage or garage. Gather all unwanted items like furniture, clothes, appliances, and other things that are of no use in your new house. You can donate or sell these items instead of disposing of them. You can arrange a garage sale, donate to charity or sell these items on eBay.

Transfer the utilities and uninstall appliances: All the appliances should be uninstalled one day before the move. You can do it yourself or can ask the moving company to do it but it would add additional fees to your bill. Also inform the service provider of the utilities like gas, cable, internet,etc. to close the connection or transfer it to your new address.

Transfer prescription and medical records: You need to find a new physician at the new location and meanwhile, you need to take care of your medical record and prescriptions. You can get a copy of your medical record and prescription from the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Update address in Banks and insurance companies: Before your move contact the banks to either close your account or transfer the account to the updated address. You also need to contact your insurance provider for health insurance, home insurance, and vehicle insurance and do all the formalities required for the address change.

Plan the setup of the house: For a convenient move, you should prepare a plan with the moving direction of the boxes at the new house during loading and unloading. With such a plan, you can place the boxes in the rooms easily and can have an easy unpacking.Things to do just after you move-

Clean the house before unpacking: It may be possible that the last resident may have already clean the house, but it would be better to take a quick sweep for dust.

Take inventory check just after unloading: Once all the boxes and packages are unloaded at the new house you must take a check for the inventory with the list. This will help you ensure that no package is missing and you can easily sort the boxes to be opened first.

Set up security at the new house: Home security is essential as it provides peace of mind.So, as soon as you reach your new home call the security company to set up and activate the equipment.

Set up the refrigerator and plug it in: Once you set up your refrigerator plug it in to ensure it is working properly. It is the first appliance required to store water and food. Not only this you should plug in all the appliances to check whether they are working properly.

Activate home utilities at the earliest: Once you reach your new home you need a power supply, water, electricity, and gas to start up your life. Contact the utility providers in the region for quick assistance and immediate activation.

Moving That Makes You Happy.

People move from one place to another in search of new work, new passion, and something that might change their life

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Moving That Makes You Happy.

People move from one place to another in search of new work, new passion, and something that might change their life. But is that truly happen? Do they get whatever they hope for, or whether this change in their life makes them happy? There are many pieces of research which suggest that change is important and thus one should move from one place other time to time. Some people suffer from depression and tension after or during their move, but after a while, they start accepting things, and life seems nice.

Numerous reasons can be the influencing factors for making moving a completely different experience for people. Some major factors that considered to be make moving happy are as follows:

Change in the commuting distance: Going to work by driving long distances makes people tiring. Ultimately, they become unhappy sometimes with their jobs and sometimes with their home location. By changing the location, which is nearby to the office, makes you happy and relaxed.

New people you meet: Sometimes, places do not affect the life of people, but the community can bring change. A new community or society where people are supportive and caring can change their lives.Moving to a new place makes you feel miserable as you have to leave your friends and home. But new people with extra warmth and care at a new place can turn off your unhappy mode and cheer you up.

Relaxing life in the suburbs: Life in a city is offers a variety of food and fun but,there are rushes and crowds. On the other hand, life in the countryside is quiet and full of energy, but the best life is in the suburbs. People who live in the suburb are close to both the city and countryside life and thus experience something better.

Climatic variation: A little change in weather makes everyone happy. So, if the change of location while a move brings a change in the weather, then yes, it may cheer you up.

Cost of living: People who move with the expectation of making their lives better in terms of their economic stability will consider having a cheaper life at a new place. In a new area, if the cost of living is low, then the move is recognized as a success, and people will remain happy.

Employment security: Most of the moves people make are due to their job changes or better employment options. So, if the job at a new place is highly secure while the cost of living and other factors is not as expected, still people feel happy.All these factors are mostly experienced by the people who move. The best way to make every move happy is by adapting the changes as early as possible for the better life of everyone.

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company.

Moving is one big step that a person took to achieve something better in a new place with new people

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Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company.

Moving is one big step that a person took to achieve something better in a new place with new people. But moving is not that simple as it seems like it's not all about packing valuables, hiring a truck, and get on the road. It is a complicated process where some expert advice and helping hands are needed for sure.Though, people get confused about whether they should hire an expert or a moving company for their move.

Here we will help you understand how a moving company makes your local or long-distance move convenient and relaxing. Some of the benefits of hiring a moving company are-

Experienced-For any moving type, you need some assistance, and professional movers are trained to handle each step of the move brilliantly. They know how to pack a small salt dispenser or a huge couch. With experienced professional movers, all your belongings will reach their destination safely.

Reliable-Getting a professional moving help is the most reliable option rather than doing it yourself. They are reliable as they have different skills and

Efficient-Professional movers are experts at handling huge appliances, heavy furniture, and other delicate items and ensures safe transfer of all the belongings.

Safety-To ensure your safety throughout the move, hire an experienced mover. They have knowledge and understanding of transferring different belongings that might harm you if you are do-it-yourself.

Peace of mind-A thought of move brings up millions of worries about planning, packing, searching, and transferring belongings and many things.So, if you hire a professional moving company, then all these worries are to be handled by them, and you can have peace of mind.

Accountability-Most of the moving companies provide insurance for the belongings they move; means they are accountable for a different type of damages. Hiring a professional mover means they are accountable for any loss, but if you move with your friends, then you cannot blame them.

Fast-Professional movers are experienced, and they have all the right tools and equipment for packing, loading, and unloading. So the complete moving process can be completed at a faster rate.

Professional lifting-Moving companies and professional movers have the correct tool to handle different items like furniture, appliances, pianos, and delicate arts. Their lifting process is feasible in terms of less damage and secure handling.

Inventory process-Professional movers always prepare a list of inventories before finalizing and initiate the move. After moving, this list helps both the moving company and moving person to cross-check their belongings.

Cost Saving-Hiring a moving company is cost-saving in many aspects as in their moving cost estimates, different hidden costs are included, which you forget to add while planning a do-it-yourself move. Some hidden costs include time, distance, complexity level of move, moving truck rental, gas, toll charges, etc.

These are the reasons that justify the thought of hiring a moving company for any move like local, long-distance, corporate, industrial, etc. We hope these points help you out in deciding whether to hire a moving company or not.

Tips To Find The Best Moving Company.

Moving to a new place is the beginning of a new phase of life. Finding the moving company for the

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Tips To Find The Best Moving Company.

Moving to a new place is the beginning of a new phase of life. Finding the moving company for the shortdistance or long-distance move is a multistep process. The thought of moving to a new place brings many questions in mind that need to be answered to avoid any kind of stress. You are worried because you have to trust someone with all your belongings. But you can find the best moving company in town by keeping some of the simple points in mind. Here we have listed some suggestions that will make your search easy

Get Referrals- Surfing the internet for a reliable moving company can create confusion because of unlimited options. So, start your search by asking friends and family, even your colleagues can suggest some better options. You can also find the best moving partner for any kind of moving through Vanlines Move.

Begin your search earlier- You must not wait for the last moment to look for a moving company. Moving is a long and tiring process and that needs special efforts. So, you cannot leave it for the last-minute search. If you start searching ahead the time then you can find enough time to compare different companies well. A prior search is beneficial in availing of the best offers and low-cost moving.

Research well with reviews reading- References and online surfing is not enough for finding the best moving company. If you have any friends or family who recently hired moving help, then they could be a great help. You can also read reviews about the companies on their websites. There are different platforms where you can find genuine reviews about the company, like on Facebook, Yelp, or Google. Go through each review to make a confident decision.

A company with a history- Newly formed or developed company cannot be trusted for your moving. To hire a company for moving it must have a historical background. There must be a long-running experience for any kind of national or international move.

Services offered by the moving company- One of the important points to keep in mind while searching for a moving company is what services they are offering. If you are looking for a household move,then you need to search a company that specializes in house-to-house movement. While for the corporate moving, you need Pro movers for moving office equipment.In each house, some delicate items need special attention at the time of the move. So, the mover you are looking for must also provide special services for items like Piano, Antiques, and more. Some services like storage, packing-unpacking, and loading-unloading must be included in the moving package.

License and Insurance of moving company- The moving company you trust for the moving of your belongings needs authorization. Each moving company thus needs a license or insurance to enhance their reliability factor. For safe and secure moving, you should check the license or insurance of the company at the time of selection.

Moving Details from the company- Moving is a step by step process of taking essentials and household items from one to other location. The first step is packing, and you need to ask the company whether they will do it or not. The company must provide all the moving equipment like packing boxes, tapes, blankets, etc. To avoid any kind of surprise you should ask all these questions initially to the company representative.

Get moving quote- Once you have shortlisted the company, you can move for the next step- ask for the quote. For the best moving company, you should take quotes from at least three companies to make a better comparison. This will help you in finalizing the best company.

To get the best company for your move, you should look for the company that will fit best to your requirements. The only factor that should be kept in mind while choosing a company is 'you'. The company you chose for moving must earn your trust. The very first step is finding the quotes from the best moving companies in the region. Some other points to keep in mind are the date of move, size of the property, and relocation distance. So, the best movers must be professionals who took care of all the belongings. Find the best moving company for your next move by keeping all these points in mind.