10 Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

When we talk about moving, the first thing came to our mind is the number of moving boxes and other moving supplies you will need. You can calculate the number and cost of packing supplies with the help of the Packing Calculator. For packing, we need multiple moving boxes, and they add unnecessary costs to your move. We said it was “unnecessary” because you can get the moving boxes without cost from many places. If you get moving boxes for free, there will be a reduction in the moving estimate or moving price provided by your moving company.

There are many places where you can find moving boxes for free, like a nearby store, community groups, and online marketplaces. Only special boxes for packing mirrors and TV are not found easily in such places, with this exception you can move the rest of your belongings in free moving boxes. But the question is still there what are the places where you find free moving boxes.

Here, we have listed 10 places where you can find free moving boxes.

1. Friends and Family

The simplest way to find the empty boxes is by asking your friends and family. You can ask them if they recently got any deliveries or they possess any boxes from their moves. The easiest way to ask them is by calling, texting, or the trending way by just posting a status on social media. Create a post that you are looking for moving supplies in your social media handles.

2. Grocery Stores

Grocery stores receive their supplies in large or small boxes on a weekly or daily basis. So, they must have a pile of boxes lying in the back of their stores. So, when you go grocery shopping, inform the manager that you are moving soon. Ask them if they had any boxes, and we are sure that they will happily hand those boxes to you.

3. Large Retailers

Large retailers or “Big Box Stores” because they have a massive number of boxes in their stores. With shipment coming every day, you can find empty boxes at different stores- Walmart, Petsmart, Office Depot, Home Depot, K-Mart, Costco, and more. You can reach them and get these boxes for free.

4. Bookstores

If you need small size moving boxes, then bookstores are the perfect place. Local bookstores or large-chain bookstores; both have a sufficient number of moving boxes that can be useful for packing small items. These boxes can hold up great weight as they use to carry the weight of heavy books.

5. Craigslist

You can find everything online, then why not try moving boxes. Go on the Craigslist website; there is a “Free” section, where local people have listed belongings they no longer needed. You can search here if someone has listed moving boxes to give away. There is also an option to post your ad to let people know that you are looking for moving boxes.

U-Haul Box Exchange

People across the country are connecting on U-Haul Customer Connect Box Exchange to find all types of moving supplies. You have to enter your location and search for “moving boxes”; you will find someone here giving away the moving boxes.

6. Liquor Stores

If you live near a liquor store, you could ask the manager if they have supply boxes they want to give away. Liquor stores have empty cardboard containers that you can use as moving boxes. But they are small and sturdy. So, you can use them for packing books, CDs, and other small items.

7. Workplace

You can always ask the store manager in your office for some empty boxes. If lucky, you will find some clean boxes; if they don’t have empty boxes, you can always ask them to keep some boxes aside when they got.

8. Recycling Points

Most of the cities have recycling points where people can drop off their cardboard boxes for recycling. At these points, you can find moving boxes in good condition of various sizes.

9. Freecycle

Like Craigslist, Freecycle is an online platform to find free stuff in your community. It is simple to find items on Freecycle; you only have to sign up for free and create a post that you are looking for free moving boxes. You will get good responses for sure.

These are some best and easy to reach places for finding free moving boxes. With these moving boxes, you can reduce your moving cost and invest that money in other things. You can plan your move with qualified moving companies in your area with Vanlines Move. Call us or visit our website and get free moving quotes.

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Moving day can be stressful in many ways, but it is essential to make it simple and relaxing.

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Different ways to keep your customers while moving a business

Moving a Business USA

Moving a business to a new location for better growth is never a bad option. It can reduce the cost of different operations, enhance connectivity with customers, and chances of expanding business to a new level. Companies relocate to someplace new to take benefit of savings on costs. But this can create confusion for the customers and affect your customer base. So, it is important to handle the relocation properly, or the business can be in danger of collapsing.

There are a few tips to help you keep your current customers while relocating.


Communication is the key to balancing any relation, and it will also work for businesses. Inform all your customers about your move in detail like, when you are moving, where you are moving, is there any time business will close for customer operations, and more. There are many ways of communicating with customers about a move like, through social media, emails, updating website banners, etc. Start doing these things way ahead of the time of your relocation so that customers can connect with you for any service in advance.

Notify your priority customers personally

Your important customers deserve special attention and should be treated with high respect. Inform these customers personally about your move and explain to them everything thoroughly. Ask them if they require any service or product while you are moving or closed. When you connect them personally, it will reflect your extra efforts towards them. If they place an order in advance, consider offering some discount.

Be aware of the market difference

When your business grows, you experience a significant change in the market expectations. There are variations in terms of demands but also for customer behavior. Like when a business moves from a small town to a big city or metropolitan, in that case, there is variation in dressing or general communication. There are many places where customers prefer to be personally recognized while at some places, this is considered unethical. So, keep all these things in mind, or you will put off your new customers.

Move with complete safety

When you move your office inventory, or machinery asks your movers to be extra careful. All the office items are of a specific requirement in your operations. If any of these get damaged, it might affect your supply, and you can lose your customer base. A minor mistake can cause great trouble for your business.

Access new customers

When you move to a new location, you may get a chance to connect with new customers. You can reach maximum clientele in the new city or town where you moved your business through various mediums. You can stream ads of your business on local channels and platforms. You can also put hoardings at bus stations to get maximum attention. Make connections with the locals who can spread good words about your business.

The only factor that can retain the customer-service provider relationship is communication. Keep your customers informed about your business, what you are doing and how this can benefit them. Place ads or flyers about the new introductions in your business and ask them to take maximum advantage. If your clients are happy with your business and your relationship with them, they will bring a new customer.

Move your business with professional moving companies throughout the USA with Vanlines Move. Get your moving quote now at www.vanlinesmove.com.

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Dress Code For Moving Day

Dress Code For Moving Day

Moving day can be stressful in many ways, but it is essential to make it simple and relaxing. Helping hands in the move can make it simple. On a moving day, try to be comfortable, as you have to carry huge boxes and suitcases. The best way to feel comfortable is by wearing appropriate clothes that save you from the risks of moving and provide relaxation. There should be a dress code for moving day, and here we have listed some tips for what to wear on a moving day.


Comfortable Clothes- Some people prefer to wear jeans and a t-shirt during the move while some prefer to wear their workout outfits. It doesn’t matter what dress you pick for your moving day; the only thing that matters is that it should be comfortable. If you are doing moving activities by yourself, you should choose stretchable pants which do not restrict body movements. Choose a pair of clothes you don’t mind getting torn out or damaged during the move.

Breathable close-fitting clothes

Pick clothes that are close fitting as baggy clothes can stick anywhere and increase the chance of injury. In case if you are wearing a shirt or some dress with an open-end, make sure they are buttoned or sipped to avoid risk. Clothes are even close-fitting but should be breathable. If you are moving in summer, your clothes will avoid overheating or sweating.

Dress according to weather

The type of clothes you wear on moving day depends on the weather. It is better to wear light clothes for a summer move while layers of clothes for a winter move. Light cloth must be of close-fitting like mentioned earlier. For a winter move, avoid wearing too many clothes as it may restrict your body movement. Choose your clothes wisely for different types of weather.

Fully-Closed Comfortable Shoes

For your moving day, select the most comfortable pair of shoes you have. As relocation days can be long and tiring, you should wear shoes that do not hurt you even after long hours of wearing them. And shoes you choose should have closed-toe to avoid injuring the feet. Sandals, crocs, or flip-flops should not be to wear on a moving day. The best selection of shoes for fully-closed comfortable shoes are either working boots or sport shoes.

Good Traction and Ankle Support Shoes

Selecting the right pair of shoes will protect you from different injuries like- closed-toe shoes will protect shoes. Also, if your shoes have good traction, it will minimize the risk of slipping or skidding. On a rainy moving day or snowy moving day, anti-slip shoes are the best choice. Additional safety can be added to your feet while moving with a pair of shoes with good ankle support. Sports shoes are still the best choice as they have good traction and ankle support.


Protecting your hands while moving is equally important, but mostly we forget about this. Throughout the moving, you have to carry heavy boxes, furniture, and sharp edge items, and a pair of gloves will provide you with high-level protection. Gloves will avoid cuts and scratches on your hands while lifting and carrying belongings. If you are moving in summer, gloves will not allow sweating on your hands and enhance the grip. On the other hand, during a winter move, a good pair of gloves will provide you with warmth from chilly weather. Select a pair of gloves made of leather or canvas as they will allow maximum movement of your hands without slipping off from your hands.

There are no fixed guidelines for what you have to wear on a moving day. But selecting your clothes wisely for a move will provide you comfort and protection throughout the moving.

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How to survive a move during holiday season?

Move during holiday season

Moving is an exhausting process, and it is harder to move during the holidays. Planning a move between December and January can be cost-effective, but it can result in havoc at some points. Holidays are the only time of the year when you can enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Don’t worry. You can manage everything by balancing your holiday fun and moving process.

We have listed a few moving tips and ideas to make your holidays fun-filled, and you can manage your move effortlessly.
Plan your move after Christmas

The best time to move during the holiday season is just after Christmas. Moving next week to Christmas is efficient as there will be no competition. Moving companies are available at affordable rates, and you can enjoy the remaining time with your friends and family. Hiring a moving company will simplify the process as during holidays it is impossible to ask friends and family to help you pack.

Leave the decorations for last

Holiday means decorating the house and planning a move after Christmas to let you enjoy the moments. If you plan a move next day or after Christmas, you can decorate the place and pack them at the end. Pack everything else before the holiday season, as you can enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about the packing.

If you plan a mid-holiday move, you can leave your living room decorated to give the place a feeling of Christmas. Pack up everything one day before the move and set up the decorations at the new house. It is better to decorate in moderation as it will simplify the packing.

Label all your boxes

One of the essential packing tips is labeling the moving boxes for organized loading and unloading. But, during a holiday move, it is mandatory. While packing, label your boxes for Christmas decoration, crockery, and clothes. It will help the moving professionals while unloading these boxes in the correct room in your new house. Also, mark whether the items in the box are fragile or not.

Set your budget early

Moving is an expensive process, and during the holidays, it can add up the extra cost of buying gifts. It is better to set your moving budget early and consider the cost of holiday expenses. The total of moving and holiday expenses can give you a shock. Some ideas can help you reduce the cost of moving- by planning a mid-week move. Start saving and planning to move in advance to spare yourself from moving stress.

Prepare for weather

The weather during the holiday season is almost freezing. If you are moving during the holidays, you need to prepare for extreme cold. The weather conditions can be challenging for moving- snowstorms, icy roads, and freezing temperatures. Get all your winter wears ready to deal with

the worst weather conditions. Gather all the essential items like a shovel, salt, boots, gloves, hats, waterproof packing supplies, etc. Also, stock up a thermos with hot beverages like tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to keep you hydrated and warm. Don’t forget to set the thermostat to keep the place warm.

If you are moving during the holidays, these tips will help you survive a move during the holiday season. But if you want to enjoy the holidays with zero moving stress, hire a moving company. A professional moving company will handle everything from packing, loading, unloading, and transporting. You can enjoy the holidays with family at your old and even at a new place. Hire a professional moving company with Vanlines Move for your holiday move.

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