Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is one big step that a person took to achieve something better in a new place with new people. But moving is not that simple as it seems like it's not all about packing valuables, hiring a truck, and get on the road. It is a complicated process where some expert advice and helping hands are needed for sure.Though, people get confused about whether they should hire an expert or a moving company for their move.

Here we will help you understand how a moving company makes your local or long-distance move convenient and relaxing. Some of the benefits of hiring a moving company are-

Experienced-For any moving type, you need some assistance, and professional movers are trained to handle each step of the move brilliantly. They know how to pack a small salt dispenser or a huge couch. With experienced professional movers, all your belongings will reach their destination safely.

Reliable-Getting a professional moving help is the most reliable option rather than doing it yourself. They are reliable as they have different skills and

Efficient-Professional movers are experts at handling huge appliances, heavy furniture, and other delicate items and ensures safe transfer of all the belongings.

Safety-To ensure your safety throughout the move, hire an experienced mover. They have knowledge and understanding of transferring different belongings that might harm you if you are do-it-yourself.

Peace of mind-A thought of move brings up millions of worries about planning, packing, searching, and transferring belongings and many things.So, if you hire a professional moving company, then all these worries are to be handled by them, and you can have peace of mind.

Accountability-Most of the moving companies provide insurance for the belongings they move; means they are accountable for a different type of damages. Hiring a professional mover means they are accountable for any loss, but if you move with your friends, then you cannot blame them.

Fast-Professional movers are experienced, and they have all the right tools and equipment for packing, loading, and unloading. So the complete moving process can be completed at a faster rate.

Professional lifting-Moving companies and professional movers have the correct tool to handle different items like furniture, appliances, pianos, and delicate arts. Their lifting process is feasible in terms of less damage and secure handling.

Inventory process-Professional movers always prepare a list of inventories before finalizing and initiate the move. After moving, this list helps both the moving company and moving person to cross-check their belongings.

Cost Saving-Hiring a moving company is cost-saving in many aspects as in their moving cost estimates, different hidden costs are included, which you forget to add while planning a do-it-yourself move. Some hidden costs include time, distance, complexity level of move, moving truck rental, gas, toll charges, etc.

These are the reasons that justify the thought of hiring a moving company for any move like local, long-distance, corporate, industrial, etc. We hope these points help you out in deciding whether to hire a moving company or not.

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Moving Scams- Learn How To Avoid Them

Moving Scam

Are you moving soon? It means you are finding a new home, preparing for packing your belongings, and most importantly, finding a reliable moving company. But how do you know that the moving company you choose is a real one and not a fraud? With the hustle of moving plans, scammers will grab your trust with low bids of moving estimates and high-rate professionalism. They will encourage you to book the move as early as possible, and even they do not give you enough time to research about them and other terms and conditions of the moving agreement. At this stage, the moving companies change the price.

Different Common Scams to Avoid

Upfront Deposits for Moving Services

Learn about all the fees associated with your move before signing a moving contract. If you sign up with a reputable moving company, they will never ask for any cash or deposit just before loading the truck. If your mover asks you to do so, you may be dealing with a fraud company.

Hidden Moving Charges

Always ask your moving company to provide a legal contract and sign it before you hand over your belongings to them. Fraudulent moving companies avoid the questions when you ask them for tracking, and they add charges for packing heavy moving, carrying items from stairs, and more.

Suspicious Bids

A detailed moving quote is a prime differentiator between fake moving companies and legitimate professional movers. If your mover is not a fraud, they will visit your place to inspect the belongings. They will also gather all the requirements like packing and delivery. Different bids scam like-

Low-ball bid: Many movers offer a low-cost moving estimate, be aware and go into details as it is likely to miss some details. Always ask your mover to provide you with a moving quote, where everything is listed elaborately before signing a low-cost estimate.

Phone-based bid: Many moving companies offer moving quotes over the phone only, but it is impossible to create a moving quote without a visual survey. The moving company must get detailed inventory and visit your place to generate an accurate moving quote.

Volume-based bid: For long-distance moves, you should get a moving estimate based on the total weight of the shipment and not based on the volume of the truck. It is legally acceptable for short-distance or local moves, but not in the case of state-to-state moving, according to FMCSA.

Suspicious Terms and Conditions

Some fraud-moving companies try to outline the law with documents they created to protect their interests. Some companies will try to confuse you with different legal terms that restrict you from filing legal claims. Some movers will provide you with fake documents that do not protect your belongings and payments.

Right and Responsibilities

Every mover must provide their customer a document titled 'Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move'. This document has all the information about fair practices, consumer rights, and regulations. If your mover does not provide you with such a document, this is a sign that they are not licensed.

Company Information Not Found

If you are researching the moving and unable to find a physical address, insurance proof, or company registration details, this is a sign that the company is a fraud.

Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

There are some steps and measures you can take proactively to protect yourself from such moving scams and fraud moving companies. Some suggested steps are:

Research Moving Company Thoroughly

Check reviews about the moving company on google and BBB to ensure the success rate of their previous moves. Also, ask your family and friends who recently moved and take their recommendations. Consider the moving companies they refer to because of their success moving experiences.

Check their license

All interstate movers must be licensed, and some local movers may also require a license as per their state government. Look out for the moving company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration company. You can also check the registration status, license, and insurance of the moving company on the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Know your rights and responsibilities

Most legitimate movers provide you with a booklet titled- “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. If your moving company does not hand you the book, then ask them to provide it so that you get details of fair practice, consumer rights, and industry regulations.

Document everything

After delivery of your shipment, you have a limited period to claim for any loss or damage. List out all the issues on the moving company copy and then sign it. Get everything in writing before

you initiate the process of claim and reimbursement. So, the moving company cannot deny any claim.

When you plan your move with Vanlines Move, you will get moving estimates from licensed and insured moving companies and not from any fake mover. Get your moving quote today, and let our professional movers handle the rest.

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Moving Insurance- What It Is & Why Do I Need It?

Moving insurance - Vanlinesmove

During move risk of damage of items is high depending on the handling of the movers. Even if your items are well packed and safely loaded in the truck, they got damaged during the transit. Any damage or loss is the first thing that ruins your move and upsets you for the loss. If you want to avoid such circumstances and get paid for the loss or damage of your belongings, you should buy moving insurance. Although buying moving insurance is not an essential step of moving, it is a great idea to invest in a policy if you are moving with high-value items.

There are three options of moving insurance- Basic coverage, Full coverage, and third-party insurance. Moving companies that offer cross-country moves should provide basic coverage and full-coverage protection. Moving companies cannot sell insurance, so the insurance they mention in their estimates is the moving coverage. If you want to purchase moving insurance, you can buy it from a third party.

Type of Moving Insurance

Basic Coverage

Basic coverage is a federal requirement for all cross-country moving companies. When these moving companies provide moving quotes, they will include this coverage with no additional cost. For any lost item, basic coverage will provide 60 cents per pound. This coverage is not applicable when you do self-packing. Basic coverage is best for short-distance moves while students move from their dorm to their parents’ house.

Full Coverage

In Full coverage protection, companies offer more coverage than 60 cents per pound. Generally, it counts for $6 per pound. It typically costs 1% of the value of the belonging in the shipment. Some moving companies offer Full coverage protection based on the estimated value of the belongings. You can get details from the moving companies while collecting moving quotes. This moving insurance is used by families moving cross-country.

Third-Party Insurance

The Basic coverage protection and full-coverage moving insurance are according to the weight of belongings. These do not include several high-value items like jewelry. In such a case, third-party insurance is the best option to cover the security of these items. Third-party moving insurance is purchased to cover the damage from natural disasters, damage to one part of collection, mold, temporary storage, moths, insects, and mechanical accidents. This type of insurance is best for families moving cross-country with antiques, jewelry, and fine arts.

Cost of Moving Insurance

The cost of moving insurance depends on the estimated value of your belongings. The Full coverage insurance costs for 1-2% of the overall value of the belongings, while the basic

coverage is free. The cost of third-party insurance is $1.25 per pound, and this value can vary from company to company.

Why do I need moving insurance?

You will need moving insurance to protect all your household items against any loss or damage. Since the basic coverage and full-coverage protection provides limited protection, it is worth buying moving insurance. When you move a considerable amount of property and belongings, you can buy an extensive coverage plan through a third-party insurance company. Buying moving insurance covers your belongings during the move and protects you financially in a worst-case scenario.

So, next time whenever you plan a move with any professional moving company, ask them in detail about the protection they are providing for your belongings. If it is not as per the cost of your belongings, you are free to buy moving insurance from third-party moving insurance companies. Want to learn about moving quotes and moving insurance visit Vanlines Move.

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How to Find Best Professional Movers in Your Area

Professional Movers USA

When you decide to move across the state with a professional moving company, you need detailed research to choose the best one. We can help you find the right moving professional for your upcoming move with some guidance and tips.

Finding a perfect mover in your area is a tedious task, and it will be the most of the amount you put into your move. A professional moving company is worth every investment as it will simplify and organize all relocation processes, whether local or long-distance. Now, the question is which moving company is best in my area for my moving needs.

What type of move- Local or Long-Distance?

The first thing you need to do before researching moving companies, deciding what type of move you are planning. When you finalize the type of move, you can start doing research. For a local move, you have to move within the city or state boundaries. Research all the moving companies in your area willing to relocate you within 100 miles of distance from your home. In a long-distance move, the total miles covered will be more than 100 miles. You will need a moving company with a nationwide moving license.

Local moving is simple, requires less time, easy packing, and relocation will complete within a morning or afternoon. Long-distance moves are different as they take longer hours for transporting goods, you need special packing for the fragile items, and in some cases, you might need multiple logistics to reach the destination. Deciding which of the two moves you will have can help you find the right moving company within your budget.

What to know about the right professional movers?

So, once your decision is made about your local or long-distance move. Now, it is time to start looking for individual moving companies that will meet your moving requirements. Here are few things you should know about a perfect professional moving company in your area.

Research multiple moving companies

When you list out the moving companies, you need to do some background research. Learn about their work experience and how long they have been in business. Try to gather as much information about the company it will ease up the selection process.

Moving services, you need

You have some ideas about how to accomplish your move. List out the services you need for your move, like packing, loading, unloading, and transporting. You might need some extra services like storage units, PODs, disassembling, and installation of appliances. For such services, you need to research all the moving companies specifically.

List out the inventories

Creating a list of all the items you plan to take to your new home is necessary. Most of the moving companies generate their moving estimates based on the total weight of the shipment. Prepare inventory, separate the items you want to donate, sell or throw away.

Check online testimonials

Learning about the company from their previous clients is better than asking from people who only heard about the company. Most companies have their online reviews on different platforms. This can help you fairly narrowing down your list.

License status of movers

Whether moving locally or out of state, always ask about the licenses of the moving company. If a moving company has the license and permits from the government, it means their paperwork is in order. Moving companies with complete licensed status have legitimate business and no chances of scams.

Ask for moving quotes

Ask the moving company about a detailed moving quote according to your moving requirements. They will give you quotes generated on different factors like moving services, miles covered, extra service charges, taxes, and insurance. Don’t be afraid with figures as these quotes are inclusive of different costs.

Taxes and fees

When you move across the state or cities, you have to pay some local and state taxes during the move. Some moving companies miss out on some fees from the moving quotes. Ask moving companies to give you all the details about the taxes and fees added during the money. Also, ask them for the charges for any additional service you require during the move.

Moving Insurance

Moving insurance is a must during a move to compensate your belongings during an accident or damage. Some moving companies provide moving insurance, while some do not. You can buy moving insurance from any insurance company.

You get all the details about the moving companies you select. Choose the best one in your area. It’s time to schedule your move and let the professional movers handle everything. You can hire a professional moving company with Vanlines Move. All the movers are professional, licensed, and offer affordable moving rates.

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