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Moving Scams- Learn How To Avoid Them

Moving Scam

Are you moving soon? It means you are finding a new home, preparing for packing your belongings, and most importantly, finding a reliable moving company. But how do you know that the moving company you choose is a real one and not a fraud? With the hustle of moving plans, scammers will grab your trust with low bids of moving estimates and high-rate professionalism. They will encourage you to book the move as early as possible, and even they do not give you enough time to research about them and other terms and conditions of the moving agreement. At this stage, the moving companies change the price.

Different Common Scams to Avoid

Upfront Deposits for Moving Services

Learn about all the fees associated with your move before signing a moving contract. If you sign up with a reputable moving company, they will never ask for any cash or deposit just before loading the truck. If your mover asks you to do so, you may be dealing with a fraud company.

Hidden Moving Charges

Always ask your moving company to provide a legal contract and sign it before you hand over your belongings to them. Fraudulent moving companies avoid the questions when you ask them for tracking, and they add charges for packing heavy moving, carrying items from stairs, and more.

Suspicious Bids

A detailed moving quote is a prime differentiator between fake moving companies and legitimate professional movers. If your mover is not a fraud, they will visit your place to inspect the belongings. They will also gather all the requirements like packing and delivery. Different bids scam like-

Low-ball bid: Many movers offer a low-cost moving estimate, be aware and go into details as it is likely to miss some details. Always ask your mover to provide you with a moving quote, where everything is listed elaborately before signing a low-cost estimate.

Phone-based bid: Many moving companies offer moving quotes over the phone only, but it is impossible to create a moving quote without a visual survey. The moving company must get detailed inventory and visit your place to generate an accurate moving quote.

Volume-based bid: For long-distance moves, you should get a moving estimate based on the total weight of the shipment and not based on the volume of the truck. It is legally acceptable for short-distance or local moves, but not in the case of state-to-state moving, according to FMCSA.

Suspicious Terms and Conditions

Some fraud-moving companies try to outline the law with documents they created to protect their interests. Some companies will try to confuse you with different legal terms that restrict you from filing legal claims. Some movers will provide you with fake documents that do not protect your belongings and payments.

Right and Responsibilities

Every mover must provide their customer a document titled 'Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move'. This document has all the information about fair practices, consumer rights, and regulations. If your mover does not provide you with such a document, this is a sign that they are not licensed.

Company Information Not Found

If you are researching the moving and unable to find a physical address, insurance proof, or company registration details, this is a sign that the company is a fraud.

Protect Yourself from Moving Scams

There are some steps and measures you can take proactively to protect yourself from such moving scams and fraud moving companies. Some suggested steps are:

Research Moving Company Thoroughly

Check reviews about the moving company on google and BBB to ensure the success rate of their previous moves. Also, ask your family and friends who recently moved and take their recommendations. Consider the moving companies they refer to because of their success moving experiences.

Check their license

All interstate movers must be licensed, and some local movers may also require a license as per their state government. Look out for the moving company on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration company. You can also check the registration status, license, and insurance of the moving company on the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Know your rights and responsibilities

Most legitimate movers provide you with a booklet titled- “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move”. If your moving company does not hand you the book, then ask them to provide it so that you get details of fair practice, consumer rights, and industry regulations.

Document everything

After delivery of your shipment, you have a limited period to claim for any loss or damage. List out all the issues on the moving company copy and then sign it. Get everything in writing before

you initiate the process of claim and reimbursement. So, the moving company cannot deny any claim.

When you plan your move with Vanlines Move, you will get moving estimates from licensed and insured moving companies and not from any fake mover. Get your moving quote today, and let our professional movers handle the rest.

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Everything should be in boxes for movers. Why?

moving boxes for packing

Moving boxes are the primary requirement for completing the packing process. The purpose of using moving boxes for packing is to ensure the safety of the belongings as they are durable, efficient, easy to carry, and conveniently available. Some items in every household that does not fit in moving containers and boxes. Few belongings like TV, delicate paintings, and artifacts have special packing needs and thus should be packed in special boxes. You can use your suitcases, bags, etc. for packing items like clothes and save money on buying moving boxes.

Now, the question is whether it is necessary to pack every item in moving boxes. Let’s find the answer to why moving companies want everything in the house or office to be packed in moving boxes.

· Protect the belongings

The aim of packing belongings in moving boxes is to protect them throughout the relocation. In moving boxes, belongings are tightly packed and allow protection against any shocks and damage. To ensure maximum protection for fragile items, you can add cushioning materials like bubble wraps, airbags, towels, and old newspapers. These prevent items from shaking and breaking.

· Easy to handle

Moving boxes are easy to handle and do not require any training. To prepare the box, you have to unfold it and apply tape to the bottom of the box to provide extra reinforcement. Once your box is ready, place the items in the box and add protective layers if required. Add a sealing with packing tape and label the box for easy loading and unloading. If your moving box is properly labeled, it will be easy to understand the handling instructions.

· Conveniently available

Moving boxes are easy to find as you can buy them online and from the stores in the market. Sometimes you can save money by getting free moving boxes from different places. There are a few locations where moving boxes are available for free. If you are interested in getting free moving boxes, read this blog https://vanlinesmove.com/blog/10-Places-to-Find-Free-Moving-Boxes. You can search online platforms that sell all types of packing and moving supplies at affordable prices. And if you are hiring a full-service moving company, leave everything to them as they will bring all required packing and moving supplies on moving day.

· Easy to pile up

Stacking moving boxes is easy as they are of uniform size and shape. Easy stacking allows the convenient loading of moving boxes on the dolly. They can be arranged in the moving van or truck and provide extra space for other items. When moving boxes are stacked neatly, it allows the movers to load the truck tightly and reduce the risk of shifting boxes during transportation.

· Box-packed items are easy to lead and unload

One moving box allows packing space for multiple belongings, and when you load that box on the moving truck, you load all those items at once. And as mentioned piling up moving boxes is easy; and saves a lot of time. Easy loading and unloading of moving boxes save space on moving trucks and allow maximum belongings on the small-sized truck. You can even save money by sharing the moving truck if the truck size is more than required.

Will movers move items not packed in boxes?

You cannot pack several items in moving boxes like furniture, kitchen appliances, electronic items, and more. But that does not mean that your mover will not move them. Your movers will move all these items as they pack them with protective packing material and secure them from any damage. Different packing materials used to pack such items are bubble wrap, blankets, sheets, etc. Though, a few items movers will not take with them on the moving truck like- valuables, documents, jewelry, etc. Discuss such items before signing the agreement with the moving company. Some other items are not allowed on the moving truck, and your mover will refuse to take them even if they are packed in a box.

So, we hope you get the answer to your question of whether everything has to be in a box for movers. If you still have a question, feel free to connect with the moving and packing experts at Vanlines Move.

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Renting a Moving Truck? Check out the Pros and Cons

Renting a Moving Truck

Have you decided to move on your own? If yes, it is better to start preparing for the move as early as possible. Start your DIY move preparations by renting a moving truck, ordering packing and moving supplies, and asking your friends & family to lend a hand while loading.

Renting a truck for your move is convenient, cost-effective, and adds flexibility to your relocation. But there are several challenges that you may encounter when you execute the DIY move with a rental truck. In this article, we will discuss both Pros and Cons of renting a truck for a move. Let check out-

Renting a Moving Truck- Pros

· Complete control over your move

When you plan to move by renting a truck, you are responsible for everything meaning you are the sole one in charge of your move. Everything depends on you, like when to start packing, who will load the packages, what supplies and equipment for moving are required, and deciding when to move. When you take care of your belongings, you are more confident and relaxed as you know the actual chances of any damage. You can also pick the best route for your move and halts according to your requirement.

· Flexibility in Time Management

When you rent a moving truck, you are free to manage the time and date of the move. This move is the best option in case you can’t pick the moving date. If you rent a moving truck, you need not worry about every minute and hour of your move, as truck rental services are on a per-day basis. You can complete all other moving chores without stress and start moving when everything is ready. You are free from the thought of some other people coming at a particular time and doing everything in a jiffy. You can decide when to stop as you are in charge of time management.

· Cost efficient

The cost of renting a truck is lower than any other moving option. Since the average cost of renting a moving truck is between $150-$300 for a local move and $2000-$3000 for a cross-country move, it is lower than the overall cost of any other moving option. You can save on the

gas cost by choosing the shortest convenient route for the move and also minimize the number of stops.

· You can take your vehicle

Most moving companies do not allow vehicles like bikes and cars on their moving truck. But when you rent a moving truck, you are free to take your vehicle with you. Most rental trucks are equipped with a trailer to tow your vehicle, and you can carry it with you without any additional cost. Though towing a trailer can be difficult, with proper guidance, you can do it with perfection.

Renting a Moving Truck- Cons

· High fuel cost

When you decide to rent a truck instead of hiring a full-service moving company, it is better to keep all factors in mind. One of the factors to keep in mind is the cost of gas, as the rates are higher these days. If you are planning a local or short-distance move, the cost of gas might not affect you, but for a long-distance move, this is very costly.

· Availability of trucks

The availability of a moving truck for rent is a big issue. Though you can find multiple options for truck rentals on the date of your choice, it is not guaranteed to be a budget-friendly option. If you decide to move on a weekend, it is difficult to find a good deal.

· More exhausting than assumed

Renting a truck for your move means you have to handle everything including- packing, loading, and unloading. In case, you hire a professional moving company. They will do everything for you. But you choose otherwise, and you have to put more effort both physically and mentally. You have to carry heavy items by yourself and stay calm throughout the process. You can ask your friends and family to help, but a few things require special equipment and tools.

· Require additional insurance

Professional moving companies offer insurance against any damage to your belongings. But when you rent a moving truck and decide to have a DIY move, only you are responsible for any

damage, loss, or theft. So, to ensure the safety and security of your belongings throughout the relocation, you need to purchase insurance.

Renting a truck has several advantages, but as you can see, this is not always a better option, especially when you are planning to move across the states. However, if you still wish to rent a moving truck for your move, do thorough research about the rental company. It is better to get everything settled before you get on the road.

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How to move into a building with no elevator?

elevator to simplify your move

Moving into a high-rise building means you have an elevator to simplify your move. But, still, few buildings do not have an elevator, and you have to move to a higher floor via stairs. Carrying heavy and huge items to the higher floor via stairs is highly inconvenient and involves the risk of physical injury and damage. In such a case, you might have some tips and tricks to facilitate your move without accident. Let’s check out the moving and packing tips that can help you out:

Disassemble your large furniture

When you move into a building with no elevator, then you need to take some measures while carrying furniture. One of the ways to take large-sized furniture to your new place is by disassembling them, as it will be easy to lift the smaller parts. Also, measure the size of your furniture and boxes to determine whether they will go through the main door of the house. If you need help disassembling the furniture, you can connect with some professionals, and if you are moving locally, they will assemble it as well.

Use an appliance dolly

Carrying heavy and large-sized furniture through multiple stairs is difficult, and increases the risk of damage and injury. But the risk can be minimized, and the process of carrying such items through multiple flights of stairs can be simplified with the use of an appliance dolly. The appliance dolly is also known as a hand truck which has straps and a lever to secure the item and pull the dolly upstairs. While using an appliance dolly, you need a friend who can guide you through the directions and support it while pulling. Appliance dolly is available at moving companies and moving supply stores.

Protect your items with a protective sheet

It's already mentioned in the above section, that carrying heavy items through multiple flights of stairs increases the risk of damage to the furniture. So, while lifting such items, you need to take special care of the belongings. The best way to protect the furniture and other items while carrying them through dolly or directly is to wrap them with protective sheets. Packing blankets, wrap sheets, and bubble wraps are used to cover the items and ensure safety from any damage. These supplies are available online or at packing supply stores. You can use some household items like rugs, carpets, old curtains, old bedsheets, blankets, and towels to cover the edges of the furniture and other items while carrying them through the stairs.

Wear the right type of shoes & clothes

Wearing appropriate shoes and clothes is very important on your moving day. And when you move into a building with no elevator, you have to be more careful with your dressing. It is better to wear comfortable clothes that are flexible and breathable and wear shoes with closed toes with non-slip soles. If you are carrying the boxes and furniture by yourself, you need to be careful

with your hands. It is preferred to wear work gloves that will protect them from any injury. Working gloves and non-slip sole shoes prevent any kind of slipping accident.

Ask your friends for help

Moving a house is not a one-man job, so you might need some more helping hands. You can ask your friends to help you out through the relocation. Moving and carrying heavy boxes through multiple flights of stairs can be exhausting and results in major or minor accidents.

Hire expert & professional movers

The perfect way to get everything done on time with no damage or injury is by hiring some professionals. You can connect with local or long-distance movers and ask them to handle your move. Professionals are trained to carry belongings through the stairs and they have various appliances and equipment that make it more efficient. Start this process right away with a free moving quote. Visit www.vanlinesmove.com, provide your moving details, and ask for free moving quotes. Compare movers online for free.

All the tips mentioned above help conduct a move where no elevator is available in the building. If you need more relocation tips, you can connect with us.

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