Moving State To State? Learn These Things At First

Moving State To State

If you are relocating to a new state, you desire to learn about your new home to get ready for the change with the move. Your mind is full of many questions concerning your new home, like what type of life is there? How much will you spend to start living? What is the culture of the city? Answer to all these questions helps you understand how the move will change your life.

We have listed few things that you should know about your new home when you plan to move from state to state. Learn about these things-

Cost of Living

The cost of living is an important aspect to learn about the city before planning a move. It will help you in determining your moving budget. When you research the cost of living in the area you are moving you can decide whether it is worth moving and the money you are making is enough to survive. If you are not making sufficient money with the new job, you can always look for other options, change the location where you decide to rent or buy a home, and more.

Housing Market

Moving to a new area, you need to find the right home for yourself. In some cases, employers provide accommodation for few days, and you can find a suitable home meanwhile. But it is better to start your house hunt on the internet ahead of your move. Do some online research about the neighborhoods and list out the affordable and suitable ones. Try to connect with the brokers or rental agents and discuss the properties your find perfect during your online research. It will help you save a lot of time.

Employment Opportunities

If you are moving to find better job opportunities, you must learn about the job market and employers in the area. Learn about the major industries, what type of opportunities they are offering, how does the industry will benefit you in your career development. Do thorough research about the job market before making any decision.

Healthcare Options

Healthcare is a necessity for everyone, and it should be of prime quality. Learn about the hospitals in the area you are planning to live. Is it affordable and offering high-end services in medical emergencies? If you or your family members have any specific medical condition, reach out to your current physician and ask them for references in a new area. A detailed study of the healthcare system is an essential step.

Educational Opportunities

You always wish to give the best education to your kids, and moving to a new area might get you worried. You can do online research about the best schools and colleges in the area. Approach

them regarding the admission process and other requirements like grades. Plan everything so that your kids will not miss any part of their studies.


One of the things you want to learn when moving to a new city or state is about the condition of traffic. You should know how much time of the day you have to spend commuting to and from work. There is a difference in time consumption if you are driving your vehicle and taking public transportation. Many areas are not fit for commuting by your car. During peak hours of the day, avoid few routes. Though, public transportation is efficient in many ways, like affordability and commuting time. You can research about the best public transport for commuting to your workplace.

Culture of the Area

Every state has a different culture, and that is because of the diversity of the population in the region. Some places have friendly people, some have festive, and some are outgoing. It varies from state to state, and it is better to learn a bit about the culture and stereotypes that help you fit in easily.

Social Life

When you move to some new place, you are leaving your friends and family behind. In new states, you will need some new friends, and you can make some. Start exploring your contact list and meeting your friends already living in the city. Start connecting with your neighbors and colleagues. You can plan visits and trips on weekends. You can join communities to connect with more people with similar interests. You can research the best places for weekend getaways and day-outs.

Once you research all these things, you can settle in your new home with fewer worries. Apart from these, do a little research about the affordable moving companies and experienced the route you have to move. You can plan your nationwide move with professional movers from Vanlines Move.

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Planning a Move in Winter? Pros & Cons

Planning a Move in Winter

The peak season for moving is from April to September. According to the statistics, 80% of Americans move during this period. It is the preferable time of the year for moving because of various reasons. But they have not considered a winter move which has several benefits. Or maybe they do not know these benefits that will help them save some money. Moving in winter can be challenging for some people as carrying, loading, and unloading heavy boxes in the lowest temperatures is not easy.

Planning a winter move has both pros and cons. We can help you decide whether to move or not during the winter. And we can also help you find a professional mover for your long-distance move without any trouble.

Pros of Moving in Winter

Pick Your Moving Date- Winter is a less popular season for moving, and you can pick your moving date. The moving companies in winter are available easily as they have less business during the season. You can choose the moving date as per your availability and choice. Also, it is convenient to modify the moving date if you have to for some reason.

Housing at cheaper rates- Either you are buying a home or looking for rent, winter is the season with lesser competition. Some fewer people plan to buy a home in winter or move in winter, so the rates for purchasing a home are lower. When you buy a house in winter, you are more likely to pay 10% less than what you will pay if you buy a home in summer/spring.

Cool Weather- During the summer move, you feel exhausted and dehydrated. But if you move during the winter, you can avoid all heat-related problems. The cold weather also protects your belongings that might get affected by overheating. Items like candles, soaps, and records will remain safe during the move.  

Lower moving rates- Moving companies have greater availability during the winter they observe an off-season. And as a result, they are more likely to drop their moving rates. The moving companies strive to win the business, and they will go at the lowest rates.

Faster relocation- Moving during winter is speedy than in other seasons. The reason for a quick relocation during the winter is the less jam-packed highways. Because of snow, the routes are less-packed, and there are fewer people on the road. Less traffic means faster speed to reach the destination.

Cons of Moving in Winter

Snow & Cold Temperature- Moving during cold weather is better as you can avoid the damage and health issues related to scorching heat. But freezing temperatures and blowing snow can make the moving job difficult. Snow on the ground makes it slippery, and it is risky to move heavy items. It is unsafe to drive a truck in snow or to move a box in the snow.

Miss the holiday season- Winter is all about holiday celebrations and enjoying with family and friends. So, if you plan a move in winter, you might miss the holiday celebrations, fun and wonderful time of the year.

Mid-Semester school change- If you are moving in winter with children in school, they have to change the school between the semesters. It will affect the studies and interrupt their school year. You can make it easier if you plan a move after the school year.

Travel is difficult- Travelling in winter is difficult because of the snow piled up on the roads and compromised visibility. So, if you are moving from one state to another, you can take help from someone professional in driving.

Moisture damage- Though the winter move saves the items from melting, it might damage some items because of the moisture. Snow and storm can damage the furniture and other belongings during the move. So, ask your mover to wrap the belongings accordingly.

If you are planning a move in winter, we will suggest you hire a professional moving company. They will ensure a safe and secure cross-country move even during the risky winters. You can make your move simple and comforting by hiring a moving company with Vanlines Move. To get a moving quote, you can visit us at

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10 Things Your Mover Would not Move

10 Things Your Mover Won’t Move

When you hire a moving company, you expect them to move everything you have in your house. But this is not possible, as there are several items that professional movers do not allow on moving trucks. Though some household items moving companies will not move like food and perishable items.

We have listed all the items that your professional moving company will not move.
  • Hazardous Items

Your garage has some household chemicals and hazardous materials, and moving companies will not load in a truck. Such items include- fertilizers, pesticides, paints, charcoal, etc. Discard them in the hazardous material dump areas. If you are moving over long-distance, get rid of all such items and buy a new one at the new location. If you are moving locally, then you can carry these items in your car.

  • Flammables and Explosives

Movers won’t move anything flammable like gasoline, aerosols, and motor oil. If any of the liquid or fumes spill and will ignite, that can be highly dangerous.

  • Valuables & Personal Items

You should carry your money, jewelry, and all items with sentimental and monetary value yourself. Moving companies prefer not to transport such things because of the risk of losing. Take them with you as movers’ insurance cannot cover the sentimental value.

  • Pets

The moving company cannot take any pets on their truck. You have to take your pets with you in your car or plane. You can also hire a pet relocation company to take your pet to a new location.

  • Plants

If you are planning a local move, you can contact some local mover who will relocate your plants. But if you are moving over long-distance, then it is not possible, as it is illegal to move living plants more than 150 miles without a license. There is a risk of getting pests on the plant that will infect the new location. 

  • Scuba Tanks

Moving companies do not allow your scuba tank on their truck. It is composed of highly pressurized oxygen and other gas mixtures. Under unfortunate conditions, the pressurized air can explode and can be dangerous.

  • Nail Polish and Nail Polish Removers

Movers won’t move your nail polish and nail polish remover. These items are highly flammable and should be handled with care while relocating. If you are moving over a long-distance, we suggest you get rid of these and buy a new one when you reach your new home.

  • Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies contain hazardous chemicals, and moving companies do not allow such chemicals on their moving truck. Some other related items include pool chemicals, acids, etc.

  • Deodorants and Hair Spray

Deodorants and hair sprays have compressed gases and chemicals that are highly flammable. All these items are not allowed on the moving truck.

  • Car Batteries

Car batteries have a liquid that can deteriorate the fabrics and corrode other items if it leaks. Therefore, moving companies does not allow car batteries on moving truck.

Mark these things on your list of inventories and take care of these items by yourself. Consult with your moving company if you need any suggestions. You can contact professional moving companies with Vanlines Move for safe and secure moving.

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5 Major Challenges & Their Solutions When You Move Out Of State

Cross Country Moving Solutions

Moving to a new state is always exciting. However, the relocation is a daunting task as you are entering into a whole new system. Though moving companies are making moves simple and organized to a greater extent, there are challenges you have to conquer. There are several challenges you might face during your state-to-state move. We are listing five challenges and how to tackle them to lower your stress levels.

Challenge 1: Finding the best Cross-Country Movers

One major challenge while planning a state-to-state move is how to move across the state borders. Generally, there are two options to plan a move- Do it yourself move; or Hire a full-service moving company.

DIY move is quite challenging if you are planning a long-distance move. As here you have to move heavy appliances, furniture and large boxes yourself and you might get hurt in the process. Driving across the state can be tiring. So, the best option is hiring a full-service moving company. Now, the question is how to find a perfect mover for your move? The answer is you can find them online, or you can get referrals from your friends and family. You can visit Vanlines Move at, and you can easily find a professional moving company for your moving requirements.

Challenge 2: Collecting info about your new state or city

Every city or state has its own culture, cost of living, employers, and regulations. If you are moving to another state for work, you need to learn about your new company or organization. You will start your life in a new city, so learn about shopping places, schools, neighborhoods, and recreational activities in the region. But how will you know all this without visiting the city or state? The answer is to use online guides describing all about the location in detail. You can ask questions about the places on some of the websites. If you have any friends or relatives in that city, you can ask them to fill you in.

Challenge 3: Finding a perfect home without visiting a new state

The most important thing on your moving checklist is finding a home in a new state or city. But with all the move planning, packing, and work, it is impossible to visit a new city or state to find a new home. So now what can you do? The best solution is visiting online platforms providing a virtual tour of the properties listed for rental and purchase. These days most real estate agents offer this service for finding a home from another state or city. With the pandemic of COVID-19, real estate agents invest their time creating virtual tours of the properties to avoid health scares for their clients. You can collect as much information you need to get satisfaction before booking the property.

Challenge 4: Catching up with the local environment

The culture of each state is different, and you have to give yourself some time to settle down. Once you complete unpacking and start a new journey in your new home, try to make new friends. Interact with your neighbors, learn about the local culture and festivals. If you have moved to a state with a different language, you can learn the local language to fit into the culture. If you want to indulge in the culture and environment of your new state, participate in different activities, outdoor fun, and join local community groups.

Challenge 5: Adjusting with local cuisine

Food is a necessity, but it can cause you a fortune if you eat outside every day. But cooking food while unpacking and setting up the place can equally be difficult. Also, it is not easy to adjust to the local cuisine. Initially, you can cope with this situation by finding a local restaurant offering your favorite cuisine, though it can be cost-effective. But when you are all set, get groceries and vegetables of your choice and cook food at home. You can also try local cuisine if you are not picky with food, as this will help you explore more about your new home.

These are some of the challenges you may encounter, but you can conquer them with tips, tricks, and adjustments. You can visit online if you want to hire the best professional mover for a long-distance move.

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