Tips To Make Your Move Safe And Secure

Moving can be dangerous as different actions might cause injuries. Throughout a move, you have to work with sharp knives and sometimes have to carry heavy items. So to avoid any harm, you must take some precautionary measures. Chances of injury are high when your move type is do-it-yourself, where you have to protect yourself along with your belongings.

During a move, risks are at various stages like cuts during packing, muscle injuries during loading and unloading, and damage items during transit.

Some moving tips to be remembered while moving-

• Avoid overpacking as an excessive amount of weight of items in certain packing boxes might break them and cause damage to the belongings.

• Always pack sharp things like knives, gardening tools, and grilling rods by wrapping them with clothes or towels to prevent any cut.

• Decide the lifting process for heavy appliances and large furniture in advance to avoid any damage and injury.

• Only carry the weight suitable for your body as excess weight can cause muscle or bone injuries, or your body can bear the load.

• The day of your move is highly tiring. So to avoid injury to muscles with tightness or stiffness so, do stretching from time to time.

• Make way for easy walking and movement as obstacles may hinder your path and make you clumsy.

• To avoid any muscle injury while carrying heavy belongings, you can use a dolly that helps in easy movement.

• Take a deep sleep before the night of move as exhaustion might cause an accident.

• On moving day, you need excessive strength for a DIY move or even giving directions to the moving company. So, stay hydrated and keep your tummy full.

• Keep kids and pets away from moving places and make some arrangements in advance.

• Wear comfortable clothes as moving can be tiring and sweaty.

• To avoid expense on the damage of your belongings during transit, you can get moving insurance from an insurance provider.

These moving tips can help you out in moving safely without any damage to your body or your belongings. If you are moving soon and want it to be risk-free, then hire a full-service moving company. Vanlines Move can get you the best moving companies for long-distance and local risk-free moves. Get a moving quote for a safe & secure move now at

To know how does moving insurance can make your move safe, visit the link-

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No Movers Available On Preferred Moving Date- Do These Things

No Movers Available On Preferred Moving Date

While planning a move, it is crucially important to book a moving company on your preferred moving date. It is better to book the moving companies and professionals before your move. But there are many reasons you cannot find the moving company on your preferred moving date and leaving you in stressful condition with a question what to do now. Your whole move plan depends on the moving date, and any changes can affect everything, specifically your moving budget.

But this does not mean you give up the idea of hiring a full-service moving company for your move. If you are not able to get your preferred moving date, you can opt for some other options listed here:

Ask for an extension on your Home Lease:

If you live in an apartment or home on a lease, then this is the time to ask them for an extension on the lease term. There are different regulations for extending the lease term, and the only impossible task is to negotiate with the landlord or leasing agent.

You can emphasize you are a responsible and reliable tenant, and they can consider a genuine request you are making. Get your lease extended on a month-to-month basis as per the time you need to live at the same property.

Rent the same house:

If you have provided the termination notice to your landlord or leasing agent, you can ask them to rent the same apartment or house. It will be helpful as you can live in the same home or apartment until the next moving date with complete authorization. You can have the possession for a longer duration, and you have to pay mortgage amount, property taxes, and property insurance to the owner.

Selling your property? Change the closing date:

If you have decided to sell your house before moving and still not getting the preferred moving date, it is better to ask the realtor to push the closing date ahead. It is not a difficult situation as some other factors might delay the closing. You can compromise with the buyer on such issues.

It is always better to consider an extended moving date. Because if you are moving into a new home, it might take time for renovation and furnishing. Therefore, it will be easy for you to find a suitable moving date.

Get Alternative Work Arrangement:

Moving to a new location for work might and unable to find a moving company on a preferred moving date might affect your work and pocket. In this condition, you can ask HR to provide a modified work arrangement so that you can make some money until you move. Most of the companies these days consider the case and show flexibility in work arrangements. If some conditions your HR couldn’t help, you can find a part-time job at the location until your moving date.

The best way to avoid the situation is to book your movers 3-4 months before your moving date. Opting for a DIY move is still not a better solution for the problem. Hiring a full-service moving company is better as it will eliminate the stress and saves your time. As everything is in the hands of professionals, you can trust them with your belongings.

Plan your move with expert movers across the USA with Vanlines Move. You can ask for a full-service long-distance moving quote here

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Simplify Your Moving Journey- Prepare Children In Advance

Moving to a new state or city is a big challenge, and with children involved becomes twice harder. If you are moving with babies or middle age kids, you might be facing challenges. While going through the moving process like packing, loading, and settling at a new location, there are chances of injuries or other risks for children. We can help you with some tips for having a risk-free move while moving with children.

Moving is not only physically challenging, but it also affects a person emotionally. During the process, children found this hard to face such change in their life. So, once you get settled with the moving plan, tell your kids about it. Tell them as early as possible as this will give them sufficient time to prepare themselves for the change. The news of moving might upset them, so list some reasons to excite them about the change. Sometimes kids get scared, and at this moment, you should help them deal with such a condition.

Simplify move for children with few tips

1. Inform children about their new home and also take their opinion how they feel about it. If your children are old enough to give advice, take their suggestion on the new house by showing them the pictures. Consider their views while making the final decision on the house. If you are planning a local move, you can take them to visit their new home and take their views for any changes.

2. Create a moving plan with your children involve them as much as you can. Set up the timeline for the move and how they can help in different moving steps. Assign them some tasks like cleaning duties, packing some items, and sorting their personal belongings.

3. Pack their room yourself. Pack each item separately in different boxes like books, clothes, toys, and medicines and mark them accordingly. If you are moving with a baby, pack a separate bag of his toys, diapers, and other essential items. This bag should have sufficient supplies so that you can easily survive until fully unpacked.

4. If you are moving with a toddler, try packing while he is asleep. If they are awake while you are packing, they won’t let you do it. Or if your children are school going, use that time for packing and separate the items that are of no use.

5. Hire a children-friendly moving company as, during the process, you might be busy with the logistics. So, there are chances that you were unable to look out after the children. The problem can be solved, as many moving companies ensure that kids are safe and well-cared during the move. Some companies offer childcare service for the moving day, and the cost it added up in the moving estimate. Though a few companies provide activity kits to the children to divert them from the moving process.

6. In case your moving company is not providing a childcare facility. Hire a babysitter for the day. Even for the day before the move, while you are busy packing, you can leave your children with your family or hire a babysitter to look after them.

7. Host a “will see you soon” party for your kids in the time between their final day at school and moving to a new location. Children need closure as they leave their homes, and friends and parties like this will help them. You can invite their friends, your neighbors and spent some moments in your old home for the last time.

8. Talk to the doctor if you are planning to move with a baby. Ask them to list the items that your baby needs for a comfortable move. Also, take their references for the doctors at the new location. Sometimes, children show signs of sickness after moving so, pack your bags with their medications and dietary supplements.

Moving can be tedious in many ways if you are moving with children. With a few moving tips and ideas, your move can be smooth and relaxing. You need to be a little considerate and cautious, and everything will go smoothly. Prepare them in advance for the change coming in their life, and you can enjoy your moving day.

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Best Times Of The Year To Move

Moving to a new place with a professional moving company is an investment. Though it is a good investment as you want to experience a trouble-free move. Moving cost depends on various factors like miles covered, relocation time, moving size, and more. So, before hiring a moving company, you should focus on all the factors that can influence the cost of moving.

When it comes to moving time or moving date, you need to be very clear about the correct date and time. Because if you choose the wrong date, it might raise your moving cost by hundreds of dollars. Don’t worry as we will make it easier for you to choose the best moving time to move.

· Best Months to Move

If you want to save some money on your move, then mid-September to April are the best months. These months are the best months of the years as the demand for movers is comparatively low. Moving companies are busy from May to September as the moving rate is higher. The demand for moving companies is exceptionally high during this period. Families with children move during this period so that there will be no loss of studies. Moving is easier during summer and spring as the weather is good.

In most of the areas, the lease starts in September. Thus, most people prefer to move during this time of the year. So, the time between mid-September and April is preferable for cheaper moves.

· Best Week to Move

Moving during the middle of the month is highly beneficial compared to the beginning of the end of the month. Avoid planning a move during the first and last weekend of the month, only if you can be flexible. Moving rates are lower in mid-month mid-week and will save on your moving estimate. The demand for movers is typically low, and your moving cost might go down.

· Best Days to Move

It is better to move in the mid of the week, if possible. Moving on weekends may increase your moving cost as the demand for movers is higher and limited. Moving on a weekday will save your money and add plenty of time on the weekend to settle up everything. Many moving companies offer cheaper moving rates from Monday to Thursday because of lesser demand.

· Best Time of the Day to Move

If you are moving, it will be better if you plan to move early morning. If you hire a professional moving company, they will schedule to come early in the morning between 8-10 AM. The weather is good in the morning, and it is easier for the laborers to work at a faster pace. Late-night moves are not preferred, as during night loading, and unloading will be difficult, chances of damage and injury are higher.

· Best Season to Move

Those looking for a cheaper move can plan their moving in late fall, winter, or early spring. During fall, the demand for moving companies is lower, so you will get a better deal on your moving estimate. Then comes winter, the moving companies are least busy, and companies are more flexible to schedule your move. But winter is not suited for moving with children. Spring is better than winters for moving, as weather is not harsh and demand is still lower during these months. Summers are highly preferable for moving, as children will not miss their schools and you will get a better deal if selling off the house.

Though, scheduling a move as per our flexibility is not possible. But with these suggestions, you can plan better and will save some money during the move. The best moving time, when the moving cost is within the budget and the date is as per the availability.

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