Tips for Sustainable Move and Living in 2022

Tips for Sustainable Move

As we enter a new year, you might be looking for some changes in your lifestyle. Such changes can inspire you to buy and use the products that benefit the environment. At Vanlines Move, we offer full-service moving quotes and suggest you some sustainable moving tips for your next move.

Sustainability is the art of living that helps in fulfilling daily needs without affecting the environment. It means living a lifestyle by using items producing low waste and recycled items. It will help improve the quality of life by contributing to the betterment of the environment. We can make our own choices to lead a sustainable life. And we all can use some tips for sustainable living.

We have compiled some great ideas and solutions that you can implement in your house to make the lifestyle green. Though changing the lifestyle is not one day process. It will take some days or months to make sustainable ideas a part of your lifestyle. Things that can influence your way of living include your food habits, clothing, and other items you buy for yourself.

Consider the following tips to start your sustainable living-
  1. · Always carry bags whenever you go out shopping

  2. · Use reusable cutleries

  3. · Switch your documentation from paper to electronic

  4. · Use smart power strips for electronic appliances

  5. · Use metal or reusable water bottles

  6. · Dry your clothes in the air instead of multiple rounds in the dryer

  7. · Turn off the power supply when appliances are not in use

  8. · Switch your lightbulbs to LEDs

  9. · Use environment-friendly household cleaning products

  10. · Buy organic food items, and if possible, cut down your meat consumption

  11. · If you have space grow your vegetables

  12. · Try using public vehicles instead of driving a personal car or bike

  13. · Use energy-saving appliances

  14. · Go for solar panels to conserve energy

  15. · Buy clothes from sustainable brands

  16. · Be a part of environment saving organization

  17. · Recycle the waste to maximum

Implementing some of these tips in your way of living can bring a visible change in the environment. To start, try only a few things and see the changes it will bring in your life and surrounding. To make your sustainable living a success, you can minimize the purchase of useless items. Instead, you can rent such things. Try to recycle a maximum of your paper and plastic waste and benefit the environment.

Let’s discuss how you can make your moving sustainable.

First, we will see how we can make packing sustainable. Start decluttering your home, donate and sell items you don’t need. If you want to throw away the belongings of no use to you or anyone else, take them to recycle if possible. If you have a sentimental attachment with things, and you cannot take them to the new house, you have the option to store them in storage units.

There are various ways to make your moving sustainable and minimize waste while relocating. Though every move will result in waste products, there are several ways you can make it sustainable. Let’s discuss how we can make moving sustainable.

Hire Professional Moving Companies

The best possible way to make your move sustainable is by hiring professional movers for your complete relocation process.

Professional moving companies plan the move efficiently and use less waste-producing packing supplies. They create a moving plan by considering moving routes, appropriate moving dates, and the perfect size of moving vehicle for the lowest gas consumption.

Use reusable and recyclable packing material

Most of the time, you use plastic wraps or bubble wraps to protect the belongings from moisture. But these are neither recyclable nor reusable. If you are packing your belongings on your own, buy wrapping materials that are easy to recycle. If you hire a professional moving company, ask them to use recyclable material for packing like cardboard boxes. You can minimize the cost of packing material by wrapping your belongings in waste clothes, old rags, blankets, and old newspapers.

Arrange reusable moving supplies

Another great way to make your moving experience more sustainable is by reusing the moving supplies. You can collect boxes for free from different places and try using recycled material. You can use the moving boxes for storing the items later in your new house.

Sustainable living, moving, and packing bring a difference to your life as well as to the environment. You can use these tips and make your lifestyle sustainable. Choose the right way of living for yourself and make the best choices for your future. You can get more moving hacks, and full-service moving quotes from Vanlines Move at

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Planning to move from City to Suburbs

Planning to move from City to Suburbs

Are you planning to relocate from the city to the suburbs? Deciding to move from city to suburb is not only about the need for a larger interior area or no more requirement of living close to your city office. There is a complete change in the lifestyle as you move. But we can help you conveniently settle there. We have listed a few tips for you.

Business Hours are Limited

In cities, life is quite different, and you can assess various businesses, restaurants, bars, convenience stores, etc. whole night. The business hours in cities have no limited opening hours. While in the suburbs, the opening hours for businesses are limited. So, if you move into the suburbs, you are no longer accessible to midnight snacking and grocery shopping.

Housing costs are lower

The housing cost in the city is higher than the per square foot cost of a house in suburbs. If you move into the suburbs, you can buy a house at the cost you were paying as rent for an apartment in the city. It means you can own a home if you move into the suburbs.

Less walkable than cities

Cities offer more walkability than the suburbs, and you may have to look for alternate options to stay fit. In cities, you can walk to the stores, catch public transport, or grab a bite. But suburbs are less walkable, and you have to join a gym or other fitness programs to get an equal amount of exercise.

You may need a car

The transportation system in cities is well-developed, and it offers different modes of transportation for local travel. You can opt for any of these options- subways, buses, light rail, and cycle programs. The transportation infrastructure in the suburbs is less developed. Such a mode of transport might not run frequently in suburban areas. So, you will need a car once you move into the suburbs.

Shopping is different in suburbs

When you live in a city, you visit a grocery shop several times a week and will shop for groceries that you can carry while walking home. But when you relocate to the suburbs, you might end up going to the supermarket and will shop for a whole week's groceries at once. These shopping habits change and may affect your style of shopping.

Children might have to adjust

In cities, children have to go to parks and recreational centers to enjoy some activities. But the houses in the suburbs have enough open spaces with swing sets and other activity options. Not only this, most people prefer to live in the suburbs when they have children as they can provide them with all the best options in their growing age.

Moving from a city to a suburb can be challenging but it comes with several benefits. The change can affect you physically and emotionally. So, take all your time and plan your move accordingly.

Moving to a new location can be challenging, as there are so many things to plan like when to move, how to move, and what to take with you. All these issues can easily be resolved if you hire a full-service long-distance mover with Vanlines Move. We make every change simple for you.

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Guide for Tipping Your Mover

Guide for Tipping Your Mover

A professional mover makes your move easy and stress-free so that you can focus on other things while relocating. They do everything you asked them like packing, loading, unloading, transporting, unpacking, etc. The moving company will relocate you with all the comfort, and then you may wonder how to show your appreciation towards them.

Sometimes, the question is whether it is okay to show any appreciation or tip the mover? Yes, it is okay to tip your moving company. Tipping is not necessary. If your mover has made your move less stressful and you want to appreciate them, you can acknowledge them with tips.

How much do people tip their mover?

As moving is not a frequent process like going to a restaurant, so it might not be easy to decide the right amount to pay as a tip. Most people tip their mover based on the flat moving rate or a percentage of the overall moving cost. Generally, it is a rule to pay about 5-10% of the total moving cost or $4-5 per hour per mover. You are free to decide the tipping amount as it's your way of appreciating the moving professionals for their hard work to make your move easy.

Different factors to consider while evaluating tips for the mover

If you are planning to tip your mover and need some deciding factors to calculate the right amount of tip, then read out the section below-

· Weather Conditions

Weather can affect your move badly as it is difficult to move while it is raining, snow on the floor, or extreme heat. But when your mover did a great job under such drastic weather conditions and secure your belongings from any damage, you may consider giving them a tip.

· If they provide packing service

Several moving companies offer full-service moving like packing along with the moving. In such a case, packers play an important role other than movers. So do not forget to tip the packers. They ensure the safety of all your fragile and delicate items that may damage while moving. Their efforts are different from the movers, but they deserve appreciation for their work.

· Total hours they work on-site for you

When you move a 3 BHK property, an average moving time is 7-10 hours. If your move takes longer than the estimated time and your movers are still working on-site, you can consider them for a tip. But a tip is only considered if the movers are putting their effort into making your move relaxing. If your move delays because the movers are not working efficiently or slowly, you are not obliged to tip them.

· How do they carry items- by stairs or elevator?

Moving the belongings through an elevator is simpler. But, if your mover has to carry heavy items through stairs, this will require extra muscle strength. If your mover is making trips through stairs to save you from carrying heavy items via stairs, then you should consider them for tipping.

· Number of oversized items in your inventory

Oversized items cannot be loaded or unloaded via lift and should carry manually. If you have to haul these things yourself, you might get exhausted after one or two trips. But the movers make multiple trips and transport all those oversized items for you. Appreciate them for their hard work and efforts.

· How do they organize everything?

An organized move is a dream come true. If your mover packs the boxes and labels them accurately, it will be easy for you to unpack and settle in your new home. Your mover makes your process simple by labeling and organizing the items.

Should I tip my mover based on the type of move or my property size?

Tip for your mover depends on the type of move, either local move or long-distance move. For large property sizes like double stories or a villa, the movers may have to make multiple trips and spend extra hours to complete the relocation. In such scenarios, your mover deserves a huge tip. So, it is better to tip your mover according to the flat rate of the move.

When should your mover get a tip?

During Cross-Country Move- When you are moving cross-country, different people in the crew perform specific tasks. Like packers at your old house, crew for unloading at the new house, and moving crew transporting your item. You have to tip them separately based on the items they handle.

During Local Move- While you have a local move, tip your mover anytime. Most people prefer to tip their mover before starting the moving process to motivate them. You can also tip your mover after the move, and you can also provide them food and drink as refreshment.

Giving cash-tip and snacks to the movers as rewards is a great way of appreciation. You can hire a professional mover to make your move simple and efficient. Connect with your mover instantly with free moving estimates online with Vanlines Move.

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Why should you plan a Summer Move?

Summer Move - Vanlinesmove

Did you know more than half of the moves took place in the summertime? Summer is the busiest season for moving. There are several reasons people prefer to move local or out of state. We have listed five reasons why you should plan your move in summer.

Children are out of school

Most people plan their move in summer because schools are closed during this period. If you are a parent, you do not want to disrupt your children's schoolwork. Starting a new school in the middle of the year is difficult for the children. To get admission to a new school during summer is simpler everywhere, and your children can start their education from the beginning of the school year with other students.

Real Estate is at the peak

If you want to move into a new home of your own, then summer is the best season to move. During summer the real estate market is highly active with excited buyers ready to buy properties. There is an increase in buyer interest in summer. It is easy to find the best properties for sale. Sales are higher in between May and August. Most leases end in June and July, which make properties ready to reenter the market for purchase or rent.

Weather is perfect

Some regions can be pretty hot during summer, while some have perfect weather all year round. Moving is efficient in summer because you have nothing to worry like about cold, ice, snow, or rain. In winter, you have to take extra precautions against storms and snow. Moving during day time can be exhausting and tiring, so plan your move early morning or in the evening.

Socializing is easy during summer

When you move into a new city or state, you might feel lonely and miss your friends. Summer is the best time of the year to mingle with people. In most regions, people organize pool parties and other summer events. Sports fans can enjoy sports leagues organized by the communities and neighborhoods. You can meet your neighbors, make new friends and start your life at a new place with some new excitement.

Working is more relaxed

Most people take vacations between June and August as there is no work pressure to meet the deadlines. Weather makes it is easy for everyone, and things seem to move at a slower pace. If you plan your move during summer, you can easily take some time off from work. If you have less work pressure, then your relocation process will automatically become less stressful.

Another reason why it is better to move during summer? Summer is perfect weather for a yard sale, and you can get rid of the items you longer need. You can make some extra cash with this sale and help you manage your moving expenses.

Are you planning your move in the summer? If yes, you can connect with Vanlines Move to make your move efficient and simpler. Get your free moving estimates online and compare movers instantly.

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