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Tips for Sustainable Move and Living in 2022

Tips for Sustainable Move

As we enter a new year, you might be looking for some changes in your lifestyle. Such changes can inspire you to buy and use the products that benefit the environment. At Vanlines Move, we offer full-service moving quotes and suggest you some sustainable moving tips for your next move.

Sustainability is the art of living that helps in fulfilling daily needs without affecting the environment. It means living a lifestyle by using items producing low waste and recycled items. It will help improve the quality of life by contributing to the betterment of the environment. We can make our own choices to lead a sustainable life. And we all can use some tips for sustainable living.

We have compiled some great ideas and solutions that you can implement in your house to make the lifestyle green. Though changing the lifestyle is not one day process. It will take some days or months to make sustainable ideas a part of your lifestyle. Things that can influence your way of living include your food habits, clothing, and other items you buy for yourself.

Consider the following tips to start your sustainable living-
  1. · Always carry bags whenever you go out shopping

  2. · Use reusable cutleries

  3. · Switch your documentation from paper to electronic

  4. · Use smart power strips for electronic appliances

  5. · Use metal or reusable water bottles

  6. · Dry your clothes in the air instead of multiple rounds in the dryer

  7. · Turn off the power supply when appliances are not in use

  8. · Switch your lightbulbs to LEDs

  9. · Use environment-friendly household cleaning products

  10. · Buy organic food items, and if possible, cut down your meat consumption

  11. · If you have space grow your vegetables

  12. · Try using public vehicles instead of driving a personal car or bike

  13. · Use energy-saving appliances

  14. · Go for solar panels to conserve energy

  15. · Buy clothes from sustainable brands

  16. · Be a part of environment saving organization

  17. · Recycle the waste to maximum

Implementing some of these tips in your way of living can bring a visible change in the environment. To start, try only a few things and see the changes it will bring in your life and surrounding. To make your sustainable living a success, you can minimize the purchase of useless items. Instead, you can rent such things. Try to recycle a maximum of your paper and plastic waste and benefit the environment.

Let’s discuss how you can make your moving sustainable.

First, we will see how we can make packing sustainable. Start decluttering your home, donate and sell items you don’t need. If you want to throw away the belongings of no use to you or anyone else, take them to recycle if possible. If you have a sentimental attachment with things, and you cannot take them to the new house, you have the option to store them in storage units.

There are various ways to make your moving sustainable and minimize waste while relocating. Though every move will result in waste products, there are several ways you can make it sustainable. Let’s discuss how we can make moving sustainable.

Hire Professional Moving Companies

The best possible way to make your move sustainable is by hiring professional movers for your complete relocation process.

Professional moving companies plan the move efficiently and use less waste-producing packing supplies. They create a moving plan by considering moving routes, appropriate moving dates, and the perfect size of moving vehicle for the lowest gas consumption.

Use reusable and recyclable packing material

Most of the time, you use plastic wraps or bubble wraps to protect the belongings from moisture. But these are neither recyclable nor reusable. If you are packing your belongings on your own, buy wrapping materials that are easy to recycle. If you hire a professional moving company, ask them to use recyclable material for packing like cardboard boxes. You can minimize the cost of packing material by wrapping your belongings in waste clothes, old rags, blankets, and old newspapers.

Arrange reusable moving supplies

Another great way to make your moving experience more sustainable is by reusing the moving supplies. You can collect boxes for free from different places and try using recycled material. You can use the moving boxes for storing the items later in your new house.

Sustainable living, moving, and packing bring a difference to your life as well as to the environment. You can use these tips and make your lifestyle sustainable. Choose the right way of living for yourself and make the best choices for your future. You can get more moving hacks, and full-service moving quotes from Vanlines Move at www.vanlinesmove.com.

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Trash Removal or Junk Removal- What are the difference?

Trash Removal or Junk Removal

Clearing out a site means picking out those items that are of no use. But the question is what are you going to do with the waste items? Are you going to throw it away or find some other way to handle the waste? When you clean a home, you will throw away several items that do not fit in your trash bin and your trash removal company will not take them away. The trash removal company also does not take bulk trash. In such a condition what will you do- ask for a trash removal service or junk removal service?

Though both service providers aim to clear out the waste, there are differences in their operations. You need to understand the difference between the two to get rid of waste accordingly. Let us study the difference-

Large-Scale Waste Hauling

Collecting garbage from residential areas is handled by garbage collection companies. These companies collect household waste every day. But with the annual cleaning of the house, a pile of trash will be formed and no local sanitation company will haul it. In such a scenario you need to call a junk removal company. these companies take away the pile of waste from your home.

Local trash collection companies have set a limit on the waste that they will take away weekly. And there are times when you cannot fit all the trash in the bin provided to you. Here, a junk removal company will handle everything and they will take away household trash, electronic appliances, and furniture.

Bulk Pickup of Waste

Local authorities have assigned sanitation companies for a particular location and they organize several programs and help you get rid of waste. These programs are affordable and focus on bulk trash collection, community collection of appliances, and more. But these events are held once a year, so what will you do throughout the year? You can call a junk removal company as they can collect the bulk waste in a day. Even a junk removal company will take mattresses, electronic appliances, metal waste, and more.

Recycling and Repurposing of Waste

What will happen to the trash collected by trash removal agencies and junk removal companies? The trash removal agencies only collect household waste in limited amounts and sizes. In such cases, recycling is the only option, where they recycle paper, plastic, aluminum cans, glass, etc. Trash collection agencies have limited access to heavy item recycling programs and thus items like mattresses, furniture, and heavy plastics are thrown away in landfills.

But if you book a junk removal service to clear out the space, then they will handle the trash carefully. Most junk removal companies have a partnership with recycling industries and donation centers. The junk removal companies ensure the eco-friendly handling of waste. They sort out the waste and send it to recycling units and donation centers.

Vanlines Move has a huge network of removal service providers who work in collecting different types of waste. When you book a junk removal service with Vanliens Move then you are free of the stress of handling waste after junk removal. We have coordination with companies who recycle different types of waste and also NGOs who take old furniture, appliances, mattresses, clothes, etc. as a donation.

Get your junk removal service instantly with a free moving estimate online. Connect with the experts and let everything done on time with fewer worries.

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Understanding the Different Kinds of Moving Estimates

Different Kinds of Moving Estimates

There's a good possibility you don't understand quotations very well if you're looking to employ professional home movers to assist you in moving soon. Relocating is complicated enough without adding the task of comparing and contrasting several moving estimates. Here's a brief rundown of potential outcomes so you can make a well-informed choice.

Different Kinds of Moving Estimates

Binding Estimate

A binding estimate is a fee provided by a moving company based on the expected weight of your belongings. When we say "estimated price," we're talking about the total moving cost. The mover is obligated to stick to the estimate even if the actual weight of your package is higher. However, you are still responsible for the penalty if the weight of your shipment is below the agreed-upon quantity.

When it comes to financial planning, this is often regarded as the single most incredible perk. If you choose a service with a set price, you can be confident that the final amount you owe won't go up unexpectedly.

Non-Binding Estimate

It's an estimate that can't be used in court. This is a rough estimate of moving costs. The ultimate cost will depend on the weight of your things and may be less or more than estimated. It's hard to anticipate how much moving will cost.

Instead of letting movers look at your stuff, you may receive prices over the phone or online, which has benefits. No mover may charge more than 110% of the estimate unless the consumer requests additional services. If the total amount of things to transfer doesn't vary, non-binding estimates are reliable.

Binding Not-to-Exceed Estimate

Customers have shown a desire for contractual not-to-exceed estimates, especially for a long-distance move. Because these are estimates, you will not be charged extra weight charges even if the overall weight of your things exceeds the estimate (assuming you haven't added any more items, which would violate the contract). However, if the actual weight of your items is less than the estimate, your total cost will be decreased.

Moving Made Easy! Tips for Obtaining Quotes

If you know what to expect from the various moving estimates, you can make a more informed choice before committing to a mover. The following suggestions might prove to be helpful.

● Before hiring an interstate mover, look into their track record and interstate moving authorization.

● Compare moving service package prices; get three quotes.

● Request a quote from a specific person so that you may ask questions.

● To obtain the best pricing, consider your move's date, season, distance, size, weight, and packing and labor charges. Several factors influence migration costs.

● Read the terms and conditions before signing a contract. Inquire with your moving      company about an estimate.

● If you're pressed for time, look for moving quotes online.

Moving Help

Want to know more about the various estimation methods? Get a moving quote from the best moving companies. We'd love to chat about our moving quotes and how we can facilitate a trouble-free relocation.

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Moving Tips For Weather Conditions

Moving Tips For Weather Conditions - Vanlinesmove Blog

If you're moving in the near future, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast. Depending on the time of year and your location, you may need to plan for inclement weather conditions. Here are a few moving tips to help you plan for a safe and smooth move, no matter what the weather brings.

Important Tips For Moving Planners

When preparing to move, one of the first things you need to do is create a moving plan. This plan should include everything from your budget and timeline to what you need to do to get settled into your new home.

When it comes time to start packing and moving, start by creating a list of all the items you plan on bringing with you. Once you have this list, determine which items will be essential and which can be safely left behind. This will help you prioritize your packing and ensure you only bring what you need.

Not everyone knows how to properly plan for a move, especially if they've never done it before. Don't worry, though, Here are some moving tips that can help you create a moving plan that covers all the bases.

Hot and Dry Weather

When you're moving in summer weather, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It's important to stay cool and avoid heat exhaustion. Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to help keep your body temperature down. And be sure to take breaks often while working in the heat.

If you're moving during a drought, be aware of any fire restrictions that may be in place. Follow all local guidelines when using any type of fire (including grills and campfires) during your move. Never leave a fire unattended, and make sure it is completely extinguished before leaving the area.

What to Pack First For a Long Distance Move?

Packing the right items first will make your cross-country move a lot easier. Start by packing all the things you won't need during the move. This includes off-season clothing, infrequently used kitchen items, toiletries, medications, snacks, a change of clothes, and any other necessities. Once you've packed up these items, you can focus on the essentials.

Wet and Cold Weather

If you're going to move in snowy weather, be prepared for colder temperatures and possible inclement weather. Make sure your driveway and walkways are shoveled and clear of ice before the move. You don't want your movers slipping and falling! Dress in layers so you can easily adjust to changes in temperature, and be sure to protect your skin and extremities from the cold.

When packing your belongings, pack them securely to prevent moisture damage. If possible, use sealable plastic bags or containers to keep items dry. And be sure to label any boxes that contain items that could be damaged by water or humidity.

When you plan for Long Distance Move, be carefully loading and unloading the moving truck, and take extra care to avoid slipping and falling. Wear shoes with good traction, and if possible, have someone else help you with the heavy lifting.


Planning a move can be daunting, and having to consider the weather makes it even more challenging. But don't sweat it! Our handy tips will help ensure that your move goes smoothly no matter what the conditions are like. Stay safe and dry out there!

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