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Heavy Equipment & Transportation Services

Vanlines Move provides solutions to heavy equipment and heavy transport requirements across the USA. Heavy equipment services are required at the construction sites, commercial units, and the transportation industry to lift and transport large appliances and machinery. For hauling heavy machinery and large-sized vehicles, heavy-duty trucks and specialized transportation and equipment services are required. We minimize the risks and challenges that industries face while trying to expand their business or introducing some new appliance. Sometimes these services are needed when industries have to replace the non-operational machinery with operational one.

We offer cost-effective and safe heavy equipment and transportation services to our clients handled by experts. To relocate your heavy equipment, hire our heavy transport and heavy equipment experts online with free hauling estimates.

Our Services

  • Heavy Equipment
    Heavy Equipment

    We transport forklifts, heavy equipment and other machinery for the construction, commercial retail and agriculture industries.

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  • Freight Shipping
    Freight Shipping

    Transport your goods, commodities, and cargo across the state boundaries via land, air, or sea. Connect with experts and get goods to your destination on time with maximum safety.

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  • Heavy Duty Trucks
    Heavy Duty Trucks

    Heavy duty truck transportation services to move your truck over long distances. Find shipping solutions for commercial and heavy-duty trucks with assured safety.

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  • Boat Transport
    Boat Transport

    We transport boat, speed boats, yachts, sail boats and more.

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  • RV Shipping
    RV Shipping

    Shipping an RV can be challenging due to its varied height and DOT restrictions. Let experts handle the RV shipping across the states, and you can stay relaxed.

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  • Trailer

    Relocate mobile homes or trailers anywhere in the USA efficiently and affordably. We have professionals who can transport trailers of any size over long distances within the timeline.

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