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PODS or Full-Service Moving?

PODS is an acronym for “Portable On Demand Storage” and is most suitable for storage as well as moving. The storage or moving pods are steel made box crates with features like roll-up, keyed, weather-resistant, ground-level access, and also impact-resistant. These are preferred for both long-distance and local moves. Our moving ompanies offer services for moving PODS rental for the local and long-distance moves. You only have to pack and load your stuff in the container.

An Overview

PODS vs Full-Service Moving

Let’s do a quick comparison between the PODS and Full-service moving.

PODS Full Service Moving
Pricing Base price includes gas and tolls charges Price is inclusive of all services- packing, loading, unloading, and driving. No hidden cost
Moving Labor You can load by yourself or hire loaders Loading and unloading did by professionals, no need to hire separately
Driving Self-drive or driving by PODS both available A licensed driver will drive the belongings to the new location.
Delivery Need to fix a scheduled delivery; PODS have restrictions over weekend delivery Schedule the move as per your comfort and need
Storage 30 days of storage included in the base price The storage option is not included, but you can ask the moving company to arrange
Sizing Available in only three sizes: 7’, 12’ & 16’ Different size truck as per the property size
Parking Renting a parking spot can be challenging for PODS For a full-service move, parking required for few hours only
Risk Risk of physical injury and item damage Moving tools and devices are used for loading-unloading, resulting in no injury or damage

Before making any decision go through the comparison and pick the most suitable option for your move. Vanlines Move is making full-service moving effortless by providing free moving quotes online. Compare instant moving estimates from trustworthy moving companies here.