PODS is an acronym for “Portable On Demand Storage” and is most suitable for storage as well as moving. The storage or moving pods are steel made box crates with features like roll-up, keyed, weather-resistant, ground-level access, and also impact-resistant. These are preferred for both long-distance and local moves. Our moving ompanies offer services for moving PODS rental for the local and long-distance moves. You only have to pack and load your stuff in the container.

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Benefits of renting PODS for Moving & Storage

  • Secure
  • Avoid hiring or renting a large truck for transport and loading
  • Flexible according to your timings
  • Convenient loading and unloading
  • Cost-effective
  • Weather and impact resistant

Different Size PODS and their uses

PODS are available in different sizes so that they can be used for commercial moves or storage, or personal moves. Following are the size of PODS available for storage and moving along with their uses:

1. 7-foot Container- Approximate size of the container is 7’x7’x8’ Uses:
College student moves
Studio apartment moves
Estate moves
Temporary storage during renovation or remodeling
2. 12-foot Container- Approximate size of the container is 12’x8’x8′. Uses:
2 or 3 BHK house moves
Office relocation
Large apartment moves
Restoration or remodeling projects
3. 16-foot Container- Approximate size of the container is 16’x8’x8′. Uses:
3 or 4 BHK house moves
Large house remodeling
Office relocation