Storage Service

Storage is required for different purposes like, for storing different types of belongings like for residential and commercial storage. You might need storage while moving to another state or moving for a short duration. Our moving network has several companies that also provide a storage facility for your belongings. We offer short-term and long-term storage facilities for residential as well as commercial moves.

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Residential Storage

Residential storages are the best option for those who are moving from house to house and, in case the new place is not ready. Residential storage services are also for people who have limited storage space at their home and need some extra space. These are a flexible solution for those who are troubling with long-distance moving schedules.

Commercial Storage

If you are a company manager and looking for some storage for the office equipment and furniture, then Vanlines Move can help you out. Moving companies in our network provide commercial storage solutions for office furniture, retail fixture, and also for trade show displays. Commercial storage is also a solution for office relocation and renovation.

Portable Storage

Portable storage is for people who need some little time between moving-in and moving-out. This can be used for 30 days period inclusive of time for loading, unloading, and delivering.


Self-storage is one cost-effective solution when you need to save some space. Self-storage is the term that speaks is the storage option where the customer is responsible for delivering and pick up their belongings by themselves. It is easy-to-found, secure, and safe storage for all the household belonging and also can be used for storing huge items like a boat or motorcycle. Though, some items cannot be stored in the storage unit like flammable items, explosives, chemicals, perishable food, plants, animals, and medicines.

Storage Services Are Best For

  • People Moving Abroad
  • For Long-Distance Move
  • Short Duration Storage
  • Long-Term Storage When Downsizing
  • Equipment Storage
  • Holiday Or Christmas Decorations
  • Woolen Or Summer Clothes
  • Office Renovation And Relocation

Tips For Packing For Storage

  • Create A List Of Inventories
  • Cleaning & Safely Packing Belongings Before Storage
  • Research For Restrictions In Storage
  • Inventing In Boxes & Plastic Bins
  • Labeling The Boxes
  • Disassemble Furniture To Save More Space
  • All Items Must Be Dry
  • Storage Services Must Be Insured