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Moving Cost Calculator

Moving can cost a large amount but, with the proper tips and calculations, you can save a lot. Vanlines Move can help you get financially planned for your next move. Moving cost is a combination of multiple fees that you should know before settling the moving cost. To calculate the moving cost, you must have some idea about the factors that affect the moving cost.On average, a local moving quote starts at $1250, while a long-distance moving quote starts at $4800. Calculate your moving cost with our Moving Cost Calculator. While calculating your moving cost, we have considered multiple factors that you should keep in mind.

Factors influencing Moving Cost

Size Of The Property

Large house means more stuff to move. Heavy and large size furniture and other belongings add extra cost. So, it's simple as more belongings mean high moving costs.

Date Of Move

Moving date is a significant factor while estimating the moving cost. A specific date can affect the overall cost of your move. Moving estimates for a move are more reasonable for weekdays and off-season, while it can be expensive for weekends or peak season.

Distance To Be Traveled

Generally, this factor is mainly considered in the long-distance moves. It covers fuel costs and labor costs charged for moving the distance.

Packing Services

Packing services are usually not included in the moving estimates. But if you ask movers to provide a packing service, then it will add an extra amount to the moving estimate.

Storage Charges

If you are moving for a short term and need storage for your belongings, then it charges an extra cost. Storage is not included in moving services. And storage prices vary from company to company and also depend on the number of belongings to be stored.

Moving Supplies

Moving equipment includes boxes, bubble wrap, plastic bags and bins, duct tapes, etc. All these supplies are needed to move, and their cost is to be included in the moving quote. You can determine the number of supplies with our Packing Calculator.

Add-On Services

For moving furniture and appliances, additional services like disassembling and reassembling. Other add-ons are special packing supplies like mattress bags, felt pads, etc.