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Moving Planner

Planning will make your move relaxing and organized. It is best to create a plan with a checklist and timeline to have a stress-free move experience. Generally, the best move plan is to start 8 weeks before the move. Let’s create a move plan for you

8 week

8 weeks before the move seems like you have a lot of time to complete everything. But for a hustle-free and organized move, you should start your relocation process. You can start doing the following things in week 8.

  • Make a list of items to be moved
  • Dates of the move
  • Start research for the moving companies and services
  • Schedule a visit to your house-virtually or in-person
  • Visit your new house
  • Set up your budget
  • Research schools
  • Send notice to your landlord
7 week

Finalize the moving process

  • Get quotes from professional movers
  • Book a rental truck
  • Ask friends and family for help in your move
  • Book a storage unit
  • Apply for a Transfer certificate in school
  • Prepare a list of items you need for the new house
  • Check for the changes required in the vehicle or personal property insurance
6 week

Travel arrangements finalization

  • Fix the schedule for the moving company
  • Make a reservation for airline, car, or hotels
  • Book transport from the airport if needed
  • Make a strategy for your packing
  • Arrange to ship for the vehicles if needed
  • List out all the tax-deductible moving expenses
5 week

Clearing out house

  • Start using the groceries and refrigerated food
  • Sort out the items you want to sell or donate
  • Update all your memberships like a gym, club, etc.
  • Create a backup for all online and physical documents
  • Update your computer
  • Secure all the documents like passports, birth certificates, security cards, bank orother financial statements
  • Gather all warranty documents and manuals in one file
  • Order packing supplies
4 week

Packing and eliminating week

  • Gather all your packing supplies
  • Start packing from storage and garages
  • At first, pack all those items you don’t need immediately
  • Mark each box along with its contents
  • Prepare a list for the boxes according to the rooms
  • Pack all items needed for the first night in the new house separately
  • Dispose of waste and hazardous items
  • Confirm moving details with moving company
3 week

Updating memberships and address

  • Notify all the service providers at the current location
  • Update memberships of community, gym, club, and other subscriptions at the new address
  • Update new address in the local post office
  • Update address with agencies like Veteran Affairs, Medicaid offices, IRS, Medicare, etc.
  • Set up services for a new home like lawn care, maintenance, pet care, house cleaning, etc.
  • For moving day book child care
2 week

Clean up the old house and set up a new one

  • Finish the groceries and eatables in the refrigerator, prepare it for two weeks only
  • Clean and dust your furniture
  • Arrange a move-out cleaning service or do it yourself
  • Remove all the nails and screws from the walls
  • Clean and wrap rugs
  • Start disassembling the furniture not in use for two weeks
  • Order new furniture if needed
  • Secure parking spot for moving truck
  • Request for leave from work
  • Confirm your travel bookings
  • Gather all documents needed while moving like- personal documents, electronics, medication, etc.
  • Pay any bills, fees, or penalties
1 week

Final pack-up week

  • Empty and defrost your refrigerator
  • Clean-up your dishwasher anddry it out to remove moisture
  • Disassemble and uninstall all the appliances like television, computer, printers, scanners, etc.
  • Pack kitchenware, lightings, and other appliances
  • Arrange for trash removal
  • Inspection of an old house with the landlord
1 day Before

1 day before the move

  • Pack up your first night in new house essentials
  • Carry some cash for the tip and urgent payments
  • Confirm timings with moving company
  • Confirm child care services
  • Prepare some meal for the moving day
  • Make sure about the weather or do some preparations
  • Inform neighbors about your move
Moving Day

Finally, the day arrives with lots of excitement and worries. But as you have followed the plan, you need not worry about anything.

  • Keep your handbags and first night items in the new house kit separately from the moving boxes
  • Carry some water bottles to stay hydrated
  • Keep a check on the inventory list
  • Give directions to the movers for each room and fragile items
  • Sign all the required documents like bill of Landing and inventory
  • To ensure no items left, do a sweep of the house on own
  • Hand over the keys to the landlord