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Packing Calculator

The first step of packing is to create a list of the valuables to be moved and then calculating the number of packing boxes required. If you are at this stage of your move and struggling for determining the packing supplies you need,then we will help you. Packing boxes are needed for all the small objects except for huge furniture and appliances. If you have empty packing boxes, then it is good else, you have to purchase more boxes. But, determining the accurate number and size of the boxes is challenging, as for 1-bedroom fewer boxes are required while, for 3 bedrooms, more boxes are required. We can help you out in determining the number of boxes you might need for your next move.

How Does The Packing Calculator Work?

The packing calculator gathers data like the size of the property, type of lifestyle, and the level of packing you desire. Then it processes the data to determine the variety of boxes, the number of packing boxes, and additional packing supplies that you might require to get the professional packing. Packing supplies include bubble wrap, packing paper, stretch wrap, markers, rolls of tape, moving blankets, packing labels, and more.

The packing calculator will benefit you in evaluating the cost you have to spend on the packing supplies. Vanlines Move Packing Calculator will also help you in avoiding extra costs on packing boxes and different packing supplies.