Truck Rental

Hiring a mover or truck rental is a challenging decision to make. Truck rentals are affordable choices in comparison to the moving companies. Besides being affordable, they are highly flexible in terms of complicated timelines of moving companies. For a DIY move finding the best size of truck rental for your move is very important and, we will help you out with this. Read below to get the tips to find a suitable truck rental.

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Best Fit Truck Rental

Moving out on your own is a great decision, and the very first step is challenging too. Sizes for truck rental differ from company to company, and most of the companies offer three distinct sizes. The following are the three sizes of truck boxes: small box truck (10 to 12 ft.), medium box truck (15 to 17 ft.), and large box truck (24to 26 ft.). All these boxes are perfect for different property sizes like small boxes are suitable for a studio apartment; for a two-bedroom set, a medium box truck is suitable and large box trucks are best suited for 5-7 rooms. There are multiple factors on which the size of the truck can be decided like, the weight of the belongings, size of the furniture, and total distance to be traveled.

For a long-distance move, it is relevant to rent a truck of size fit for all the belongings for a single trip. But for a local move, you can rent a small truck and transport your belongings on multiple trips which is cheaper.

Renting A Moving Truck- Points To Remember

  • Property Size With a huge property size number of belongings increase, so does the size of the truck. For more belongings, a truck of large size is needed. For a studio apartment, you can hire a small truck size.
  • Cost Of Gas One of the important to keep in mind is the price of gas. Large trucks consume a large amount of gas and for long-distance move also.
  • Distance To Be Traveled Distance to be traveled is one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration while renting a truck. For a long-distance move, you need more cab seating and more amount of gas, which makes it costlier. For a local move, small size of a truck can be rented as multiple trips can be made.
  • Truck Size To get a relaxed & damage-free transit, the correct size of the truck is required. Estimate the size of the property while deciding the size of the truck.
  • Additional Truck Rental Fees Different factors add extra fees to the truck rental like fuel cost, extra mileage, moving supplies and equipment, and extra distance traveled. For a one-way move, when the truck is not returned to the same location, then extra charges are added to your bill.