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Rental Truck or Full-Service Moving?

Hiring a mover or renting a truck is a challenging decision to make. Truck rentals are affordable choices in comparison to the moving companies. Besides being affordable, they are highly flexible in terms of complicated timelines of moving companies. For a DIY move finding the best size of truck rental for your move is very important and, we will help you out with this. Read below to get the tips to find a suitable truck rental.

An Overview

Truck Rental vs Full-Service Moving

Let’s do a detailed comparison between Truck Rental and Full-Service Moving

Truck Rental Full Service Moving
Pricing Additional cost of gas, toll, distance etc. to the base price All-in-one moving cost for all services viz. packing, loading, unloading and driving
Moving Labor Hire loading labors separately Professionals will handle loading & unloading, no need to hire labor separately
Driving Drive the rental truck on your own A licensed driver will drive the belongings to the new location
Delivery You can schedule the delivery, but your work routine can impact the moving Schedule and get delivery on time, no impact of your work routine
Storage No storage option available No storage option available. Storage can be arranged on request
Sizing Multiple size options for rental trucks available Size of truck for full-service move depends on the property size
Parking Rental trucks have the legal authority to park everywhere For a full-service move, parking required for few hours only around the pickup location
Risk Risk of physical injury and item damage because of self-loading Moving tools and devices are used for loading-unloading, resulting in no injury or damage

Before you pick the suitable option for your next move, go through the comparison once. Vanlines Move is making full-service moving effortless by providing free moving quotes online. Compare instant moving estimates from trustworthy moving companies here.